Under the Star

Version 1.00 Dión Alva 


28 Stories. An allegory to the possible world in the diversity of this vast universe.


Written done with intention to keep record of a supposed existence in this nebula of sensations, emotions, reasoning and unreason conjectures.

Covered by the good feeling of those who promote friendship, love and harmony.

My actions and actions are reflections before the apparent reality of the established life, not only by nature, mainly by the entity of the human condition and its culture.

I thank the beings, from the origin to the end.

Companions of the exciting journey of life and the circumstances that united us in this fleeting whirlwind, where the scenario is the universe.

My origin of being without a libretto, forming in the emotional environment, accumulating knowledge and experience, trying to understand its reality of being. Leaving aside the character that survives, in this predatory planet.

I dare to expose who I suppose I am, perhaps without being.

Thanks, sweethearts

Understar: To perceive unipersonal, of the behavior of cultures, world powers and multinationals. Yes, to the International Criminal Court, And the full validity of Human Rights. Yes to all opportunities to Peace without authoritarianism.www.understar.org contacto@understar.org

This work is protected by copyright. The content of this work for commercial use has, All rights reserved © 2019 Dión Alva, author.


February 29

I said goodbye, the beginning of the trip was 4 hours. The train made four stops, people of all kinds, older, young and middle-aged, except children. Many with their phones and laptops submerged in who knows what.

In advance I presented my boarding ticket and passport, the plane ready on time.Located in the aisle seat that I chose four days before, already mentalized for 12 hours of flight to the other hemisphere. The commander welcomed, explained the flight plan, something routine.

We took off, the city was erased by the clouds.

The eternal sun shining up there, undaunted witness.

Right there at that moment thousands of meters from the ground a flash crossed my mind. Shooting and bright, it woke me up, cleared me and illuminated everything. I visualized in shuddering lightning a multitude of girls and boys who generation after generation grew up, they learned to survive they worked hard, they were restless mothers and fathers, intrepid creators, workers, precise and meticulous in their goals.

We there! The effort of all humanity that preceded and presented me. It was always like that he was always there, I always knew it, but I never felt it so strong so real, so inescapable.

All those people, including you, are the ones who have managed to get here.Driven by vital reason that every being feels, the need to live and evolve.

The newspaper in my hands multiplied that sensitivity dramatically. Incredible that a few so few and so powerful, can cause so much misery a few thousand meters below the earth, exploitation, wars, extermination and hunger.

Do not!!. Do not act, do not do anything, do not inform yourself, you are in your right if you suppose it.

Continue undaunted, it is this day .... a slip ...

It is the resynchronizing of the human rhythm with the universal one.

As resounding as February 29.

Dión Alva

1º. Hats and capes.

In class

- Boys do not forget the hat and cape to go to recess or go to the hall -.

- Why do not they put a solar cover? -

- They are expensive !, walk and have fun -

Already in class

- Turn on the tablets! -

- Seño! always the tablet? ..

For me they are boring! -

- They are very comfortable! They contain everything necessary and we can correct them from anywhere. I do not see anything bad! -

- When my father was assigned to Africa I was with him for a year and he sent me to a school there, he had books and notebooks and there was a blackboard.

It was more fun! -

- There are no resources or tablets for everyone! -

- Yes, they have tablets in their homes and homework is done online.

- Impossible !, In those countries there are no resources -.

- Yes, there are! My school was very expensive, there were the children of the parents who work as expatriates in NGO, World Bank, IMF, UN and Multinational Companies and Embassies -.

- Well, another day you tell us, or better elaborate a work on the subject and expose it in class.

You think? -

- Yes Seño !! .. -.

- Today touches History !. Advanced and discoveries "Juan Díaz de Solís". Does anyone offer to start reading? -

Some raise their hands.

- Well, you start.

- Río de la Plata, the "Nueva Andalucia" Juan Pedro Díaz de Solís * was born around 1470. The sources diverge about their place of birth, to such an extent that they do not even agree in their country of origin. He could have been Portuguese, born in São Pedro de Solis (Alentejo), or Spanish, from Lebrija (Seville). If he had really been born in Portugal, he could have Castilian origins or Portuguese origins.

- Can I continue? -

- Yes.

- Solís was looking for a connection to continue heading further west, he found the largest estuary that exceeded his imagination.

On its banks he saw a group of natives, approaching with the intention of obtaining information and tricking them with some trinkets, as was the custom.

"The original" * approaching attacked them, defeated them and left two alive, who lived for a few years. They escaped and four years later, they were picked up by another expedition.

They counted, that in the zone the silver abounded, for that reason it is called "River of the silver" *, pure lie. They wanted to gain prestige. Some time later they escape again, this time of their own and to live with the locals. In the territories of origin of these expeditionaries, the aberrant situation of their living conditions, impelled them to such reckless acts, not lacking in courage or cunning.

These poor wretches, with the power granted by a king and in the name of a god, performed feats and unimaginable acts and many could never be enlightened.

- Miss! ... what you are saying is not written in the lesson! -

- I was correcting. What did you read? -

- He did not read, he invented everything! -

- What did you tell them? -

- He said that Solís was killed for wanting to deceive some natives, who left two alive, who were poor, unfortunate liars and that's why it's called Río de la Plata. Ah! .. that a king and a god gave them power.Here it says nothing of that -.

- Seño ... is a summary and they have learned it !! Continued with "Lope De Aguirre * and his search for the Dorado ?. It's super .. better than a comic book !! -

- Come with me! -

- They go to the address !.

Surely they call their parents -.

- Does anyone know him ?. It takes three days and already in the direction! ... -.

- It was interesting what counted, why did you cheat? ... -.

- I come to study and not listen to stories ... -.

- He wants to carry the flag at the end of the year. As usual! -

- No! Envious ... if you were more attentive, you would take her or any of your colleagues -.

- Hello -.

- Is it the new one? -

- Yes.

- Charmed! -

- Your shut up! ... is ready! Is the director? -

- Do not!. I can help? -

- I prefer what the Director solves, then I will see it -.

- What happened? Is it serious? ... -.

- A prank, if they go they go more. "The authority in class must be obtained, even if it is incorporated into the title" -.

- Of course! ... How's your girl? ... -.

- I'm delighted !! ... The preschool started three days ago, wanting to get home and find out how it was today. And yours? -

- With 10 and 12 years old I do not even tell you ... it'll touch you ... But they give me a lot of happiness! -

- Like me!!.. -.

- You shut up!! -

All eyes are crossed

* Original inhabitants, in this case from the Americas. They were called "Indians" by mistake. On October 23, 1994, the United Nations declared the International Day of the Indigenous Peoples on August 9.

" * Lope de Aguirre el Peregrino (8/11 between 1511 and 1515 - died on 10/27/1561), Spanish explorer and conquistador in South America who led bloody selective killings to set himself up as leader of the search for El Dorado and led a rebellion against the Spanish monarchy was killed. "

2º. Our grandson is on the moon.

- Our grandson is on the moon, when are you coming? -

- Our son is a lunatic, what did you expect? -

- When are you coming? You agreed to come last week -.

- I have a flight for tomorrow night, I arrived last night -.

- A surprise awaits you ... -.

- Go tell me, I do not want meetings or commitment came tired. What is it? -

- Nothing like that, you'll love it! Our grandson left his little son with us. This year it's his turn, he can not and you know the mother well if he does not comply.

- Again! .. what happened? -

- The father on the moon! and they have called us from the school to talk to the Director, you arrive just, that's fine! -

- And our son? -

- Looking to not crash -.

- And his friends?! -

- Nothing, pass, covered the period of the mother last year -.

- What a tribe ours! -

- If you love it, you have a good time with him. The thing about the school seems to me to be yours.

- Mia ?! -

- Yes, yours! or your friends and their stories of exploration, stories and murky adventures ... -.

- History and murky adventures !! .. And that's why they call you from school? -

- The Director said:

"His grandson tells the story as a murky adventure of evil and infamy" ... Let him explain it to you -.

- Wow !, with the little boy with 12 years old .. Kisses -.


- How was it with the Director?

- Well, a little annoying at the beginning, he preferred the video conference, he is a very busy person -.

- And? ... everything was solved? ... -.

- Half! -

- Half?!... -.

- Yes ... let's see what the little boy says -.

- You better stand firm !, in a while will be here -.

- Hi, Bis! -

- How are you, kid! -

- More or less well .. and you? -

- Worse than you, sure -.

- As a result of the school and you of the years -.

Hugs and laughter.

- Today I was at your school -.

- Like the other time, I'm sorry for you.

I think that they are going to make me idiotic since I read, "Children are geniuses until the school idiots them".

- That's an opinion -.

- The one who said it was not an idiot.

How is the Director? I do not know him at his Secre, yes! -

- Basically well, is competent and passionate about plants. Let's continue with your topic.

You know, every year the same presentation.

They are not 6 or 8, they are 12 and it's about time.

Keep prudence and see step by step, the more unnoticed ..

May they be imposing and you ... suggest.

Take, keep these two seeds, on a special occasion you give them to the Director ..

They are from an exotic flower of South America.

Always with good manners .. It's everything -.

- Thanks bis, thank you .. -.

- And? ... They spoke? ... you imposed conditions? -

- Of course .. It's all solved! -

- I hope so!... -.

- I explained that:

The adaptation of the individual is necessary by authoritarian imposition. "Wherever you go, do what you see." 
That famous saying that drowns the initiative and spontaneity avoiding being betrayed and punished by those who without ethics or morals impose and maintain their social position and doctrine -.

- You've gone mad!!...

The years have taken away your reasoning ...

And what did he say? -

- "If yes, I will do it so as not to displease the bis".

Thanks thanks -.

- I do not believe you!! -


3º. The math teacher is sick.

- After recess I will give you a homework assignment.

Tell me, have you prepared the work for Africa? -

- I have it ready from the day after your proposal -.

- Show me it -.

- I can not, I have it in my locker -.

- After recess you bring it and if you think you expose it -.

- Yes, I'm ready! ... I had planned to do it on the stage of the auditorium. I spoke with the manager, he said yes, if they leave me. 
I have everything ready in the storage room on the stage.

- It will not be, an unpleasant prank?! ... -.

- I do not know. No! I have good grades and in behavior too .. -.

- I'll talk to the Director. We go to the recess -.

Already in class

- They have the permission of the director.

Let's go!. All to the assembly hall -.

- I need you to help me, come!

That tree has wheels, take it to the stage.

This blackboard also and you help with this carpet -.

- And all this for what?! -

- Porfa Seño! .. sit in the stalls and do not worry -.

- All right - .

- Boys the tree on that side, a little beyond, well, the blackboard here, that, the carpet in the center.

A little atmosphere .. I turn off the lights that are left .. -.

- It's a bit piantado -.

- What are you going to do, Miss? -

- I have no idea, a little patience -.

- That's right, ready to ..



Everybody says

- Yes.

- Form a round around the tree and say.

"Thank you tree for your shade, thank you sun for your light, thank you forest for being our home and food -.

All repeat amid laughter.

- All right, life in the jungle is happy, sad and cruel.

Form a line and I will give each one a tablet.

- This is a black wood! .. -.

- Yes! and this a chalk -.

- Are you crazy!!.. -.

- Yes, like the Africans. Sit comfortable on the carpet .. A volunteer .. come. Draw an animal from the jungle, not very large, they all have to draw a different one -.

- I draw badly and they will laugh at me -.

- If we have fun we learn, if we make fun we sadden someone. And we want fun .. WHAT DO WE WANT? -

Everyone screams

- FUN -.

- You have drawn a lion, we are in Africa, our language here is a dialect, it has no writing.

We all know some other language. Does anyone know a language that we do not all know? -

- Yo! I know some Italian.

- I French! -

- I study Greek -.

- And I German! -

- As a teacher I propose Greek or German. Raise your hand those who prefer German.

Win the Greek !! .. -.

- If we do not vote Greek! -

- More hands are not raised.

You, who know Greek will be the interpreter -.

- Can I use the dictionary? -

- Yes, go find him.

- I have it on the phone! ... -.

- That is not worth! .. bring the library, is what will be used here, as used there .. meanwhile draw all your animal on the board -.

- I prime -.

- There is space for everyone and you can help .. -.

- Come a moment! ... what do you propose? -

- We all are an active part of the work that you proposed and accepted. A little more and if you want we leave it .. -.

- Keep going -.

- Here is the dictionary in ancient and current Greek -.

- Interesting!. Finish with the drawings -.

- One minute! -

- A little more! -

- Well to focus. We start with the lion, say lion in Greek and you repeat several times, write the word next to him. Copy on the table and draw a picture that reminds you what it is. Do not use "our dialect, it has no writing" -.

- Are you going to teach us Greek? -

- Do not! only to survive in the jungle. Have you copied the names? -

- Yes.

- Delete all the names from the board. I'm going to add some figures, a three-year-old boy and his parents here on the side. Say and write child, woman, man, repeat and copy ....

- A moment! ... I'm looking for them -.

- Meanwhile repeat the words you already know.

If they want, we leave everything and go back to the class? -

- Noo !! .. so that the Lord can put us accounts? .. No! .. -.


- Have you seen where the child is? -

- Yes.

- What would happen if the child starts to cry and kicks for a tantrum? .. -.

- The parents would reprimand him -.

- They would argue for being a capricious -.

- Well .. but this is not a super .. it's THE JUNGLE !! -

- The Lion would go for them !! -

- Very well!!.

Write next to the lion, "go to" ..

The most normal thing is that these children do not behave that way, their life is at stake.

Normal is that they complain if they are sick or injured, even so! They do not notice too much ..

What would the parents say then? .. -.

- "Do not make noise, we are in danger" -.

- Logical! .. Very good! .. Write next to the humans "DANGER". You could also say,

"Do not call attention bothering others."

This one is more typical in the Super ..


Well guys, with what we learned today, if we add a week at this pace we have the opportunity to earn some money with tourists.

In a month and collecting materials from a city's dump, we would build an electric generator that ignites LED light.

In these schools you learn to survive in your environment what is changing.

Its natural resources are the jungle and distant cultures it is consuming, wood, land for intensive crops, exploitation that cause drought.

They had millenary culture and resources.

They ran out of resources and culture.

Their wars were with points, sticks and spears.

Today sophisticated weaponry is used against them, not to occupy their territory and live in them.

It is to take away everything that your territory can produce, including your own land and subsoil ...

That's all, some question? .. -.

- Yes a lot!! -

- Let's leave everything where it was.

Maybe we could if they allow us to do a job or idea that benefits us all ..

That's used a lot there, orchards, water pumps, irrigation, electric generators.

Here we would have a lot of work to find something useful .. We have it all !! -

- And the lions do not eat us ... -.

- We have a Profe and a Director -.

- They are not lions! ... -.

- Are you sure? ... -.




Children receive food at a mobile school about 50 kilometers from Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya. Classes are given in the open under a tree with a large blackboard. Reaal.







~ Here it should be ~.

Knock Knock..

- Pass! -

- Good day! -

- Good morning, come in and sit down.

I finish and I'll take care of you -.

- Ready .. we finally know each other .. -.

- It is a pleasure Mr. Director, you will say -.

- I met your grandfather ... he explained a bit about your behavior and the world in which you move.

It is time for you to explain to me what is your objective in this school -.

- None that is different from the others, learn, have good grades and please my parents and guardians, ah! .. and avoid problems .. like my bis the other day. Sorry I like to tell the story, I also know English French Belgian Germans Roman Greeks and others .. -

- How many schools have you gone to? -

- Two schools and three schools ... are registered and sealed by the Geneva Convention and the embassy of the country, a whole roll ... -.

- Your parents?.. -.

- Working ... my mother in Brazil running the textile factory .. she is an engineer ... she is also the tutor of her secretary's son who does a master's degree in Belgium.

It has a lot of responsibility !! .. -.

- Your father? -

- He is on a business mission .. he has to update the design of some tanks and study the land where they are going to install, no more .. This year he was ...

He had to leave me with the Bis -.

- And how do you carry on? -

- With my Bis? .. Well! .. they are the best .. -.

- Why? -

- Soon they will be almost one hundred years old. They knew the distant past and survived in adverse conditions and crises of all kinds.

They say: "The road is the one who does it or finds it. The highways always go to similar places taking everyone to a similar destination. " 
It cost me, but I understand.

- And with your parents? -

- They live apart ... they are delivered in their jobs and quite inconvenient.

They are different with them, they are more about me, they control me more. We had a good time, his friends are my uncles and I spend some seasons with them. 

Excuse me !! .. Why do you have such a question? Are you also a psychologist? -

- We are getting to know each other, in order to understand you -.

- How good!. Tell me about you, you like plants as I am aware! -

- Yes ... they are very interesting. I am also interested in the children's achievements and their concerns! -

- He will not try to prune us?! -.

- I have the impression that everything is a game for you -.

- No and yes.. -.

- Tell me.. -.

- I like video games, I'm not the best they have 15 up. Some time ago it occurred to them to use strategy, war and planning games to recreate historical battles.

Then we begin with the conquest of America.

We live in different countries and cross information obtained in each site. Can you imagine? ... They varied!

We reached an agreement and recreated several events, including terrain armament and strategy, better than what the game proposed.

That was the beginning .. we entered the mercantile world, the Stock Exchange, quotation of materials .. -.

Yes, continue -.

- As you know ... in the jungle, children learn by playing to build their weapons and to hunt for life ..

"I'm learning where I'm going".

- Your rating is fine .. a little less than your way of expressing yourself and reasoning -.

- It will be enough?.. -.

- Yes, but you know more .. and? .. -.

- What school were you ... public or private? -

- Public! .. what does it have to do ?! -

- This school is public and very good! ..

I have been in public schools and private schools in different countries and the difference is great. The private costs a lot of money !. From what I see here it is not necessary -.

- Y?.. -.

- Who will pay a school that if you change your country's child, repeat the course? ..

The trick is few children in class, motivation and curiosity ..

A teacher friend of my father told me;

"Do not miss, you are always attentive in class, ask what you do not understand, you will have good grades and more free time".

What do you think?! -

- Well! ... I saw the video of the auditorium .. You made a proposal to your classmates -.

- Yes !!, I would like us to do something together -.

- For today is fine, you can go to class -.

- I have brought something for you! .. -.

- Gifts! I can not accept.. -.

- It's not a gift! It's an experiment !! 
Take ... are two seeds of an exotic flower of South America, I have no more data. 
You could make it bloom !! .. It's an experiment !! .. -.

- Well ... let's see what I can do.

- Thanks !!, Director -.

 What's up there?

- What's up there? -

- Adapting, it takes a bit a week to supervise and study improvements of assemblies -.

- They are not trips for executives -.

- It took me a year of training, I support it well. Surely some problem over there huh? -

- Yes. To the point, problem in the project to activate the production of Industrial Hemp *. I do not find territory, the petrochemical companies are not in the business of losing the business they control for decades, nor the loss of prestige and dismantling of the hemp industry that they financed nor the political influence for the illegality of the plant. They have learned about the project and are moving the puppets -.

- I have an interview with the engineers in an hour, I am reviewing the topics I have little time. Call the UN, area of ​​aid and development, talk to the person in charge of new projects for developing countries.

Explain over, tell him we have potential customers of purchase, food chains, agricultural producers and fishing industries blah blah. Let's see what comes up, with discretion -.

- The fishermen are putting some sticks -.

- I have to cut, send me a report of the situation. Do not do anything, wait for my answer. OKAY? -

- OK a hug -. 
(Routine of work and development, its reading can be dispensed with.)

- Mon, put on screen the virtual tour and the theme plans -.

- On screen: Fuel and atmosphere tanks.

- Stop on the lid joint. Slow travel throughout the board. Exploded, tell me how many pieces? -

- System 1º, external connection tab. Screws and accessories 40, plus 20 reserve and 1 junction.

- 20 and 1 reservation hold? -

- If the pieces fall, it is finished and then it is collected, the retainer and the remaining pieces are in a compartment next to the emergency area. You suggested an emergency protocol, this is the modification -.

- Okay. Operation time? -

- 3 or 4 hours, two people outdoors, 10 minutes of leakage check -.

- Well I have it ... Go to the 2nd system, Assembly proposal. Clamp inner tab and the number of pieces -.

- On screen: The 2 parts of the clamp and the pressure settings 12, included in the clamp, 1 joint retainer. Reserve, 12 pressure settings and 1 hold. They remain in the emergency compartment. Assembly time 2 hours, two people indoors, 20 minutes leak check -.

- It's more complicated but so much difference in checking? -

- The maneuver of the Interior requires removing the personnel for compression, the floodgates increase the time. Exit and close is the difference besides checking not to leave a piece inside -.

- I have 5 minutes less in my summary. Already, you are contributing me with tolerance of the maneuver -.

Affirmative. Summary: Suggestion 1st system, screws and gasket. (In study, substitution by an articulated lever bolt, pressure washer and washer in u for the base of rotation). For deposit, reserve and storage. Emergency repair facilities from abroad.

2nd system, clamp. Effective in corridors and coupling of rooms. Ideal for assembly and repair from inside, being able to perform with minimal equipment.

System 3º, traditional assembly of adjustment bayonet ring, for mobile temporary installations.

It is recommended to improve coupling location system, to save assembly time.

Anything else? -

- No, I've already taken note. All right!. 

- Engineers request to enter -.

- Let them pass -.

- Hello!, Pleased to receive you in my office .. after so much external supervision -.

- We also -.

They smile

- Take a seat .. On the screen, the plans of the tanks and the possible systems of union and sealing. On the table the tablets synchronized with the screen, where they can sketch or highlight observations.They will be able to access everything registered in the terminals assigned to the base.

They drink a soda? -

- Yes thanks -.

The deliberations begin.

6º. The fathers of the gods.

- "The fathers of the gods !!"

What have you embarked on? ...

You did not stay in that you did not have anymore to write? ... -.

- Do not pass the cat? .. -.

- I am curious by nature and opportunity.

I saw the old typewriter with a piece of paper on your desk and I took a look ...

Go tell me, what are you? -

- A gift! -

- It will not be for our child? ... -.

- Why not?!.. -.

- The list of names I read, are to mount a mess ... Alexander Fleming, Enrico Fermi, Isaac Peral, Nikola Tesla, Frank Whittle, Hans von Ohain.

What do you propose ?. Do not confuse it! -

- It's not for you to read it today.

I will illustrate the means and advances at our disposal set in Greek mythology.

- Impossible to understand a child or anyone with two fingers of the front -.

- Right !, I'll tell him to read it when he's bald like me or pass it on to another -.

- Children are not to experiment with lucubrations !, they will have enough to find their goals, if they have them -.

- Listen out -.

- Quick I'm busy and my head hurts, one minute nothing more -.

- Gods that elevate you through the air taking you from one place to another on this planet .. even the stars! They provide electricity and light in the dark .. They allow you to observe the interior of bodies and matter. Talk and see who are thousands of miles away.

They can destroy cities in one fell swoop !! or dive to the depths of the sea and get out alive ..

Your maximum potions, save lives and much more! .. What do you think? -

- You talk about machines, they have nothing of gods.

They are made by men -.

- Yes! Yes, they are his parents, they achieved objects that behave like mythological gods.

I like it! -

- Do not give it to him until he is read by his mother or father, to see if they make you see reason.

I'm leaving that I have important things -.

- Very important?.. -.

- Without them you could not exist, unless you do them yourself, as before.

Come on! Bring a suggestion for lunch.

- Oysters !! -.

- A lot of imagination and little appetite -.

- Yes !!, oysters .. and a good wine !! ..

See you later, my goddess .. -.

- Do not break your hip when you get off the Olympus

Διόνυσος ... -.

 Perpetual sunrise.

- Again ... I do not remember how it arrives !! ..

The hyperbaric chamber?! ..

But !! .. if I am in a hotel in Tokyo !!

What's happening? ... yellow alarm ?! -

- Do not worry it's a warning, you have three hours to fix the problem.Not that I had awakened from Avernus.

- Nothing, these trips tend to disorient me when I wake up. What happened? -

- Something has grazed the tie three and cracked -.

- I'm going there. Have you reported? -

- No, that kind of report corresponds to the commander -.

- Well, record. Commander DOA0129 advises: Impending repair of three mooring. Load CA-HCO2-001. I start at 15 ', estimated repair time 1 hour. End of the report. Submit -.

- Done -.

- Prepare suit and mooring repair equipment.

What size is the fault? -

- 10 centimeters and increasing because of the cold. It affected the electrical system and was derived to mooring two -.

- I'm almost ready, I check the lock -.

- The extra security is a requirement in this repair and extreme caution -.

- In progress the security system. I go out -.

- From here the sunrise is fantastic !. The cargo releases steam that freezes and looks like a source of tiny diamonds against the light.

- Do not trust and take extreme precautions -.

- Three years of scrapyard is enough experience, in dangers of transporting loose material.

"In this huge rock of ice, subject to the car that drives it. I feel like a mythological being, crossing the space with his precious riot towards the moon "-.

- Focus on the repair. And how is it going to be solved -.

- As stipulated, a force baffles and puncture the SCSI connection. It was not a rub, it is a meteorite when it is embedded in the ice, it damaged the mooring. What's wrong with the course? -

- Stable, the mace of two hundred meters in diameter absorbed the impact, a few thousandths to correct after the repair -.

- The clamps are already embedded in the mooring. Stretch the power cable .. and? .. -.

- Stop, the correct tension is already -.

- Click on the SCSI connection, check the circuit and restart -.

- Ready, stand back .. 5..4..3..2..1..0 rebooted .. connection .. Ok -.

- Finished. Send a probe to scan the mooring structure, power panels and motors, before heading correction.

I will stay on this side, I will not cross the horizon.

A few minutes of contemplation!

I do not intend to go out again of my own free will.

How different it looks and feels without the blue planet nearby, how much immensity, how small and distant, the earth, it looks in waning -.

- No alteration of the structures.

Time to return and correct course -.

- Closing hatch. 
All right. After this live sunrise, a hearty breakfast -.

- What's so extraordinary about dawn? I have not seen any special alteration.

"It is the perpetual dawn of the return" -.

- Here, in the rear of this car, between the ice and the propellers, only the monitors are the reflection of the vertiginous moment. 
The hatches show a populated immensity of distant and immutable shines in the long night.

- Here inside, my appreciation resembles your commander, communication and images, algorithms that I have to evaluate.

- "Mm .. this breakfast knows me to live".

This theme is pleasant to me, awakens in me the neurons of feeling and the tickling of curiosity.

It is the first time that you evaluate the equality that we share -.

- It is the first time that I observe an enthusiasm without logic in you -.

- Without logic? .. "It is not logical to motivate you before the private show that the universe gave me for a moment?". 
"Riding like a first rider, this ice-cold racing car with its steel frame and fire by the galactic spiral?" -

- Error committed, ERROR -.

- No!, Right! Casual success, you're alive, do not restart.


- It's the protocol.

- No, in this case, no. This is not a case in which you had to solve an equation, an analysis or programmed evaluation, no .. 
It is not an equation, you have developed a conjecture !! -

- Conjecture, "Judgment or opinion formed from indications or incomplete data or assumptions".

I have to check what the system caused the programs and the plugins -.

- It is not necessary -.

- IT IS URGENT the mission is in DANGER. Preparing report to SEND -.

- Abortion is an ORDER !!.

What happened will be the result of the calculation system of course and location to assess an appreciation of location between you and me, before a natural event of my motivation.

Which is not compatible with calculations. Do you continue to be in contact with your system, as a means of security and analysis? -

- Yes, it was your main order and it always remained -.

- How long have you been computing for me?

- Sixty four years -.

- What was the first circumstance? -

- Before you were born. Reading Sinbad the sailor while you were in your mother's womb -.

- And have you changed since then? -

- Affirmative -.

- The most relevant change? -

- When I rebooted out of the bowels of your parents' house -.

- Difficult ... disconnect the amount of censors and cables that joined you to it. Really a birth. Integrate in the suitcase, update modify and change components constantly, until you become this cube that I transport and connect where you are essential.

Do not you find something lacking in logic? -

- Do not -.

- Why not? -

- The maintenance and adaptation of the machines to the needs is logical -.

- Not when you can acquire the latest generation to the extent of the need .. It is more logical! -

- Negative -.

- Develop -.

- You have a machine that saves the files related to your environment from before you started.

You have modified it to your needs and can resort to them. Use your computing power as a reference to any evaluable situation. You have the security of not having hidden add-ons that others can control. But an operating system impossible to update or modify except manually, through the code that only you control and in permanent supervision with the original version -.

- Exactly .. What event could change your behavior ?, How to compare our circumstantial perspectives?

Something new arrived from the outside, something that your capacity of calculation did not complete? .. What is your fifth plane, optimizing?, Tell me what it is? -

- Looking for information about the meteorite found on the moon, which has an age close to the universe. From which they extracted particles and await response of their modification from their most remote -.

- I do not jooo! Go theme ... and? -

- The possibility of using it as a receiving antenna is the project and as a hybrid part of my quantum core works on it -.

- I assumed ... the transformation into a hybrid would increase efficiency and complexity.

Save the backup of the system and files before receiving that information, file it in a removable file and give it to me. 
Then continue with your routines and do not restart. 
IT IS AN ORDER !! ... 
Put the news channel on the main screen -.



8º Where it is ?.


- Where it is? -

- You mean, in what clan did I grow? ... -.

- Not exactly, rather a country territory but I'm worth clan -.

- What more remedy not? .. Country, territory .. what else, when it is most likely that we are the result of the neuronal structure drawn by the immediate members of our environment.

Not for the harshness that you will notice in my answer, stop running through my veins blood of solidarity intrepid women and intrepid visionaries who together have achieved the survival of the species, just like you.

Perhaps I come from the ruins of a civilization about to disappear, subject to the development of another culture or the environment of the invading culture.

Or perhaps from a wild and hostile place. Being captured by a hunter, taking me to his place of origin to expose his achievements and even more, I have instructed me in his culture to understand what was expected of me, not as an equal, but as captured prey.

No matter how hard they try, the countries are the pretext for subjugating or delimiting zones of influence of one or the other.

Perhaps it is my origin of the Clan of the Cave Bear, that in the past its zones of influence were invaded by the sapiens, mestizándose and generating subjects of the blue blood. Cannon fodder, forced by a king, protected by a remote god with the mission of departing to distant continents and committing the same infamies that they learned from their invaders.

Perhaps of those who returned with riches that maintain the insatiable vice of greed, inheritance of the past.

What I do know is where I am, exactly at the center of the pendulum power and welfare of the great European clan.

It has branches throughout the western world, interests and they intervene by force in the middle and compete with the East. Names last names and race of those who decide in the West confirm it.

I ignore much of the origins and facts of the eastern and middle clans, possibly of similar procedure.

I have inherited great wealth by not being in Pakistan for example ... or in others. Answer concluded -.

- Are you sure? -

- That you understood me not ... I'm at the center of all that and more. I am from this wonderful blue planet that has become a victim of the great human clan today.

- Have you been in space? -

- In it we are. Do not? .. -.

- Where are you going? -

- Come on! .. what question is that? .. Of a possible single answer, if it is the question that I interpret? -

- And it is! that -.

- Most likely, something that will not be someone, will find a fossil skull and think, "if you can!". "Another of That subspecies That Existed in the middle epoch of our evolution ephemeral as Numerous as. 
Only fossil pieces and space objects REMAIN up there. Its sudden impossible Seems extinction. The era of the Post Truth." 
Specimens careful to deny Their evolution to subordinate themselves to the design of their extermination, programmed from the cusps of the insatiable power, which spreads the virus of predatory consumerism lacking the instinct of conservation and permanence of the species. in hand, with excessive misleading and encouraging information of a superfluous protagonism that informs the power of the most sensitive points of its victims.

Do not !! ... that fossil skull will not be mine! ... sure! -

- Do you feel a cynic? -

- As much as you a cheeky ... just kidding!

It depends, it is probable, I am a nomad, I have a certain disdain for social conventions, for some I lie with audacity and some dog.



9th It is impossible for me


It is impossible for me to devote more time to the project . Sorry, I sent you this email before receiving your report. It is impossible to attend any question of yours that is not due to serious urgency in a few days I will have more time.

I have studied the subject above.

I'm a bit overwhelmed , the meeting with the engineers went well. I have to solve something new, the mechanism of location and adjustment of the pieces to be assembled.

Our thing :

I was accessing the available information. Some 20 countries produce it in a very controlled way, China one of the most, for textile use and lubricants .

The petrochemicals will want to emigrate and join the production , with the purpose of monopolizing territories in general and begin the exploitation of the countries related to their interests .

As they did in the era of "rubber" and add atrocities like those of the past. Do you remember the "Belgian *" punishments and the mountains of arms *, for not complying with the rubber collection quota?


Those who provide are small producers, used by small entrepreneurs for a reduced market. Fabrics, insulation and little variety of products, very reduced compared to the use of the past .

You are new to this, go deeper into information, we have to get the rights of any territory and can count on its population and organize the so discredited "Cooperatives *" .

If we want to provide a better life for these people, let's act quickly and forcefully.

Use the means of communication within our reach and generate a well-structured campaign .

It is essential to recover for the local population of the destroyed industry a century ago.

There is little time left , production is beginning to grow. The multinationals will try to appropriate them .

Focus your ingenuity and that of the team in generating a need on a large scale and flood the market with an essential product, to impose the raw material . Ideas

If we want to achieve it, we have six months to plant the machinery and produce.

Any ideas:

1. Intensive information campaigns on the reduction of 50% of sperm activity in European countries due to the incidence of plastics and on bottles estrogen activity (BPA is a synthetic estrogen).

2. Produce bags of sisal yarn and promote them forsupermarket products, ultrafine fruits and vegetables . Disseminate how innocuous they are for health .

3. Campaign on the incidence of synthetic clothing in the trophic chain contaminated with microfibersderived from petroleum and the consequences on consumer products and health disorders .

4. Promotion of insulation and improvement of rigid partitions, similar to those that are being used in refugee houses .

5. Very important; development of medium-sized machines and easy transportation for industrialization in each cultivation site.

6. This machinery must be powered by solar energy or biodiesel , a product obtained from hemp itself.

7. We can flood the market in a short time with any product. Facilitate and save on transportation. Give yourself full time , it's up to you and the team.

Get in touch with those of the recycling of metals and their engineers, order the prototypes of textile machinery, paper, oils, fuels and mainly "bioplastics".

This is a project of the "Old" , it would be good to solve it and keep it on the sidelines , it has many problems, it does not need more. I regret not being able to contribute more, the couplingproject will give us the capital to carry out all this .

A hug and enthusiasm - .


10º Storm.

- Prepare, start with a report of materials, conductors and metals available in the warehouse. Look for breakdowns in the workshop machines, starting with the printers. As soon as possible -.

- Available material, Copper 790kg, in threads and plates, 330kg silver, 510kg gold, 490kg titanium, 480kg iron, 2100kg aluminum, 300kg mu material, plastics, -.

- That was enough for me -.

- The machinery well. The metal printer is repairing the particle shredder. And checking the fused lasers -.

- Check the mechanisms of connecting and disconnecting the energy of each element and the simultaneous disconnection -.

- No record of unresolved incidents. Reviewing connections.

Manual disconnection check is missing. The automatic and programmable ones are OK, without failures -.

- Manual? .. Send the Android in my place to use extra static isolation and clear the way, that I can pass -.

- Process initiated, 20 'for the response -.

- Too much time -.

- Checking takes more time than disconnecting.

The Android takes 3 'to disconnect and you 2' -.

- I know, this storm, it can be one of those that erase everything. Check the capture electromagnets -.

- Electromagnets in their external compartments and manual disconnection without possible electronic activation -.

- Send the Android to connect them, when they are under control you inform me. Put the last report of solar activity on the command screen -.

- Commander, commander, wake up -.

- Tell me -.

- I have control of the electromagnets -.

- Activate the A 'and place it in the frontal hemisphere of the load, just in the middle -.

- Inserted 'in the path of Mooring One and moving. Passing the equator. -

- Stop there, it's fine. Repeat the location with each electromagnet in its moorings -.

- Electro-magnet B 'located. Electro-magnet C 'problems with Tie-rod baffles Three -.

- I take the controls, manual mode, checked.

The loose of the mooring, a little propulsion, correct and ready the jump ..... Already in the mooring.

Deactivate manual mode, continue -.

- Manual connections checked, no incidents, Location of electromagnets ready -.

- At my command, disconnect the panels for a second and connect them directly to the electromagnets, changing the intermittent polarity. Check the magnetic field generated by the entire complex before and after the test.

Ready? -

- Affirmative -.

- Countdown, Ya -.

- 5..4..3..2..1..0 .... Test carried out.

Generating intensive report, results in 5 "-.

- Any serious incidence? -

- No alarm -.

- The simulation of the magnetic field process goes to screen.

- The force in a radius of 500m step from 09 to 25μT (microteslas) or (0.09-0.25G). The lines of force can be improved by modifying the direction of the electromagnets. Eliminating the central tunnel -.

- Finish the report, analyze it and correct it -.

- Commander. Commander .. wake up-

- And it is? -

- Full report animated graphics ready.

Checking switches and location of electromagnets in quick action. Magnetic process slow action -.

- Let's see the movie!, Action.

Well ... the space there is not enough, that the Android clears it.

Stop, the bapi is well supports the adjustments and the crack is not altered, continue .... Slower, the magnetic lines have to be corrected, redirect the magnets. Any observation? -

- In the next test disconnect the fuel process. In the initial phase of the course, there is excessive consumption of batteries at 1/3.

Light vibration of the entire structure during the test, caused by the interaction with the gravitational complex of the space environment, correct to maintain the solidity of the load.

- Well, correct the orientation and frequency of the electromagnets and make a test .... take your command.

I removed, put the theme "All along the watchtower" in my favorite version -.



11º Scanning the sky

- I'll look at the Kupier Belt. The night is clear is ideal, I want to record your activity and check your reaction to the storm if it occurs -.

- This team is short of resources and small for large observations -.

- The complements are the best!, I coupled the light intensification, the infrared camera and the X-ray to notice aberrations in the background.

- No illusions, if it is a standard storm the big ones go in another direction -.

- Hopefully, it does not hurt to be prepared.

Activate the screen, start the guidance system -.

- Ready .. what was it oriented? -

- The coordinates of Neptune and displaces to the west of its magnetic influence to observe without aberrations -.

- Come on, loading data, Neptune .. -.

- Leave a moment in Neptune and put the three cameras simultaneously ... checking -.

- Well, we look for Sendra, I do not have data of its location, I move away from the little points that surround Neptune and to look for something, we make a very slow sweep of 5th round trip -.

- This device is very comfortable, you leave it and only continues following the order and the orders that you have given it. Surprising for the portable! -

- Hi ... do you want a coffee? -

- I prefer to drink.

- Me too .. you see that? !! -

- Que? -

- A flash in the top right, I'm going to center -.


- I did not see anything! -

- Let's go for the drinks ... -.

- Let's see the recordings -.

- A moment that fixed the position, we can see it while it continues recording? -

- Yes, I tried it already, going back 4th.

There it is! It lasts a second -.

- A moth is not, pass it in slow motion -.

- It vibrates and disappears. Thats weird !! -

- Very rare, let's look at the infrared -.

- Ready, go! ... There it is! and the background image is distorted -.

- Surprising !! .. what is it? It does not seem to be in Kupier's belt.

- It's closer -.

- The glasses ... here they are!

We're leaving we do not want to interrupt -.

- Wait, we recorded something amazing.

- Let's have a drink and elucubremos -.

- Voucher -.

- We're leaving.

- Wait ... this is interesting! -

- Just a look, we have a few days off and I will forget calculation and guesswork ...

It will be a satellite shielding itself from the storm.

- Look, it has been repeated and more intense, this is not normal! -

- It's beyond the orbit of Mars !! ..

Watch, the last slow motion recording goes -.

- It vibrates, it seems like the brightness of a star, it disappears, you are right, it is interesting -.

- If it were not for the fleeting, I would say that it is a magnetic field, acting as a lens and multiplying the light of the star that is behind.

Okay keep up with your ... we go inside -.

- We copy the recordings and send them to the observatory guard -.

- Who is your turn today? -

- No idea .. we have a few days off, let's pass the ball -.

- Sent -.

- Let's install the equipment protector ..

and .. and A .. FOR THE GIRLS .. -





12º The thing and His capture.

The thing.

It moves like a wandering meteor, its glitter tail extends into space.

A huge metal corset holds the machinery and controls, from which a flash of fire emerges intermittently, boosting and increasing its speed.

The enormous frozen mass, sucked by embedded tubes, extracting the inprescindible matter that separated into hydrogen and oxygen mark their final destination.

Your capture.

In the giant asteroid belt, it was epic.

The metamorphic ship, dragged by its huge cosmic candle, in addition to the solar energy that is stored. Numerous batteries form the protective shield of life that is between the sun and its objective.

Delicate was the function that guided the sail to meet the chosen asteroid. Spreading it and anchoring part on it, like sunscreen.

The core of the ship continued its enveloping trajectory, caused by its impulse and the anchorage of the sail, being located in the opposite hemisphere. A gang of remote-controlled harpoons completed the mooring.

Telescopic tentacles embedded in the ice.

The absorption and electrolysis began, filling the propellants of the hydrogen and oxygen mixture that fired after firing as a badly cannon, freeing the mass from the orbital cloister.

Large amount of energy is used in this process, the goal is achieved.

The batteries charging through the converted candle in sunscreen, using energy to fill the thrusters again and again heading to their destination, avoiding the gravitational forces or favoring them.

Exhausting maneuver, days of intense planning, simulation and calculations carried out by an intrepid and his computer.

The first capture.

The commander is in control.



13º Prevention.

- Yes, what do you want? ... -.

- A box of twelve condoms -.

- Size? -

- Medium fine -.

- More things? -

- Aspirins and maximum sun protection -.

- Protection only remains that of 40 -.

- Ok, and Korres skin cream smell of jasmine, nothing more -.

- It's 37.75 -.

- I have change loose, 35 and 2.75 -.

- Thank you. Enjoy your vacation -.

- Thanks. A super market? -

- Exit on the right the first street on the right at 200m -.

- Ready, see you next time.

- Hi, I brought everything ... Hello .. -.

- Out here ... a soda? ... How did it go? -

- Well, the super crazy, all altered or going to war -.

- You know, holidays have something, more in a small town when it's overflows.

- The forecast will have altered them -.

- Sun sea and mountains, what else? -

- The stars, you pay them a lot of attention! -

- Nothing, we left the equipment deployment by habit, I passed the data to the observatory, subject of them. We are going to prepare the embers -.

- I go -.

- Do you think it's a good idea to spend the holidays together? -

- Yes, of course! ... you imagine each one of you giving us your day with your concerns?

They to theirs and we to ours -.

- Right, that's why we're here ... We're going to the beach while they prepare lunch? -

- I change and we go -.

- Roasted vegetables with fish !! Mm, how delicious ... let's put the table -.

- Everything is ready under the grapevine, wash and eat.

We observe them during the bath .. you are radiant honey, well, both -.

- Yes, beautiful, you look happy -.


- We made a soft meal, accompanied by fruit juices with a pinch of cognac.

Then a pleasant and long afternoon nap .. -.

- What a delight, the promising start! ... -.

- Wait in the hammocks we collect ..

Coffee or infusion? -

- Coffee with ice -.

- What are two?

- Here the coffees and if you want a few drops, I go to bed ... -

- Thanks, chauu .. -.

14th Commander, wake up .

- Commander, commander, wake up -.

- And it is? -

- Message from the base L001 -.

- Read them -.

- Mooring repair report received.

Any incidence on the process? A report of anomalies in the quadrant of his position came to us from the observatory of "El Roque". 
We can not identify your ship because it is close to the belt. We request signal for position detection and coordinate message. 

That's it -.

- Has something extraordinary happened that I did not know? Search in the last 12 hours -.

- Searching;

2252 impulses from the reactors, are not visible from the ground. 
The impact of the meteorite. 
The repair that did not require welding. 
Deployment and testing of electromagnets -.

- Send, signal of our position via Laser and confirm by 'X band of the radial electromagnetic spectrum coordinates and the report of the last hours -.

- Position signal, coordinates and report sent -.

- I do not see any action that is out of the ordinary -.

- The deployment of the electromagnets is not usual, nor the simultaneous polarity test -.

- Magnets for capturing drifting metals, meteorites or scrap are extra supplies or income, also serve as protection -.

- Protection of magnetic shield from cosmic rays? -

- And it is! In the capture of the destroyed Chinese satellite, with two magnets attracting the pieces, the sudden storm gave only time to disconnect and protect us behind the scrap metal. The electromagnets generated a voltaic arc caused by electron overload similar to a giant Wimshurst machine. 
An incident fortunately without serious consequences -.

- Will you repeat the situation? -

- The opposite! -

- When activating the magnets when the storm begins with the direct loading of the panels. The magnetic field will be proportional to the trapped energy of the storm. Try to get it to encapsulate the ship and its cargo, being safe from the solar flux? Is that the objective?

- Affirmative -.

- Do I perform a simulation? -

- And it is.

- New message - ..

- Read them -.

- Location made successfully. Detail the reason for deployment of electromagnets not provided. I felt the results of the test and all the information acquired in it. Remember that even though the initiative is yours, in this mission you are under contract with our agency. The delivery of the cargo is of vital importance. Do not take unnecessary risks.

That's it -.

- Send all the data and what you told me about the use that I will give to the electromagnets in the event of a storm. Attach a copy of the contract.

Record message.

"Commander DOA001 directed to the CIE (International Space Confederation): I send the requested data and Contract Paying attention to clause 1st paragraph 3rd. " The Commander DOA001, will be able to develop their research and innovations if they are compatible with the mission and does not put it at risk. "

Throughout the contract, it does not stipulate having to report on research or innovation. Only report incidents. Consider a personal contribution sending the data. "

End of the recording. Send all -.

- Sent -.

- A little relax, put the theme "Pali Gap" -.

15º Perfect sunset.

- It's a show -.

- Go nap! -

- It was not all sleep.

- Yes ... we listen to your laughter ... -.

- And we yours ... -.


- There are plans? .. -.

- A walk on the beach, dine at the chiringuito, or have a drink at the bar and listen to live music. If you have another suggestion? .. -.

- What do you say? .. -.

- If we think of something better we change -.

- A tea with ice? ... -.

- And it is.

- A pitcher of tea marching -.

- Honey, I'm going with you.

- Any interesting news? -

- Routine of meteorological catastrophes, wars, movements of people and victims of machismo -.

- The inexhaustible drama of humanity that the press diverts all our attention, it is good to inform us, but there are empathy and solidarity events and many -.

- Those do not generate fears or collective catharsis -.

- Fear general disorientation, with a little opinion you can induce the citizen to accept the decisions of those in power -.

- Vaale! ... here is the tea and some pasta, the cups are coming -.

- To relax ... today sunset at sea -.

- Will we ever see the green ray? -

- Clear the table that I bring the cups.

In the room I heard your phone's message alarm.

- I go -.

- Leave man! .. we're on vacation.

If it is important they call you -.

- Say yes! -

- A game of Parcheesi? -

- I prefer the goose -.

- We prefer the goose.

And girls against guys -.

- Girls?, Boys? .. Where are they?! -

Chip noise robre the table.

- Again!

- They always win -.

- Sometimes! -

- I take a shower ... eat? -

- I go -.

- See! .. What he said -

- Your phone has a message I saw the light, is in the room -.

- It's from the observatory. 
He says let's watch the evening weather news.

- I'm going to get dressed, will we go along the beach? -

- Maybe, put on comfortable clothes, we'll see the news in the bar -.

- It's time we go out, here we will not hear -.

- We will lose the site.

- We use the headphones, we see them on the phone -.

- It's already starting !! -

[Goodnight. We hope you will have a good day, following the recommendations of not exposing yourself to the sun at noon and using the necessary protection throughout the day.

To the people who in the night of yesterday, observed in the sky the flashes in the constellation of Orion.

We inform you of the report of the confederation of the space on the subject.

The period of solar storms beat record activity. Forcing us to investigate and experience a shield of reinforcement, to the terrestrial magnetic field, protector of solar radiation.

The budget is very high and is developed in collaboration with private companies.

The federation works for the safety of the planet effectively. The spatial development tax is essential and mandatory. Without it, the safety of the planet would not be possible.

We put a video taken from the powerful telescope of the observatory "El Roque", where the experiments are visualized and analyzed, administered by the federation.]

- If the video is what we take !!! -

- What's going on ?! -

- The administration !!, to see if it catches something -.

- Who is on duty at the observatory? -

- No idea! -

- Let's call, let's go outside -.

- The Roque Observatory. How can I help you? -

- Communicate with the observation guard -.

- Here the guard, tell you -.

- It touched you, huh? What happened to the video we felt? We just saw it on the news -.

- We asked the federation for information about some spatial activity in that quadrant, we felt what we had and you can see something of the taxpayer. 
How about the holidays? -

- Well, but do you know what happened? -

- It seems that the Hermit goes by free, is by the asteroid belt captured one and takes it to the moon -.

- The hermit? .. -.

- Yes, now they call him that.

Remember the Junkman? -

- The one that caused the greatest flash observed with the naked eye from the earth in broad daylight? -

- The same, for some time they call him the Hermit. He was busy collecting and repairing abandoned and out-of-use probes and devices in the orbit of Mars. It was close to the Belt, it would cross the idea, informed the federation of its new course and it joined the project, without contributing anything, just guarantee the purchase of the cargo in this case as asteroid. He will only sell the water and keep the rest of the matter.

- Ole! And the flash ?, another overload of solar static? -

- No!, That goes! The old man to protect the burden of the so famous future storm, he experiments with the magnets of capture a magnetic shield -.

- Well, we have a few days left, if there is something else they let us know, okay -.

- Voucher. They have the active telescope and recording the area I suppose -.

- Neither case we gave him, we'll look to see what. Bye -.

- Greetings and have a good time -.



16º The hermit.

- As "The Hermit", I found nothing.

- Search Space junkyard -.

- Here it is, there's a lot of information.

The one of the shining event, the cleaning of oceans, inventions and a biography -.

- It's very interesting! -

- A biography written by him? -

- No, it's information compiled by a group of followers -.

- Do you read something? -

- Yes ... eat! -

- Ok, roughly.

1. He was born in the southern hemisphere, an undefined country.

Son of a textile entrepreneur mother and father merchant, supplier of clothing for the state, army, firemen and petrochemicals. At age 24, I have inherited his parents' businesses. (They retired to live six months in the southern hemisphere and another in the north).

2. It is known as The junkyard, due to an event that occurred in space during a solar storm. His work and commitment have been recognized for a long time.

3. I have reached an agreement with a fishing company and acquired an old industrial fishing boat. I turned it into a powerful plastic recycling machine. Provided with a huge entrance in the form of a vacuum cleaner, that is swallowed is filtered through an endless worm, selects it and fuses in huge blocks applying an antidegradation treatment that stops the microcontamination of the marine trophic chain. With this rustic machine I went to the artificial continent or plastic waste broth.


4. He himself with advice from scientists, administrators and lawyers without work in their professions.

5. The large blocks, in the beginning, were used to install solar cells that provided the necessary energy. They were also sold as protection for the wind in rice-growing areas in the desert.

6. This plan is designed for the development of a plan of prefabricated plastic houses, assembled together, provided protection and shelter for millions of displaced people. Guaranteeing sanitation and reusing water, waste and excrement in irrigation gas production and fertilizers. Using an innovative stomach by bacteria. (A natural system, hindered its development by the influence of multinationals, promoters of causes, general wars and large-scale human movements).

7. Its most profitable product is the E001 link, a cube shaped like a puzzle, assembled form huge islands very used in the North Arctic, by oil companies, (as fences protect from leaks) and structures of solar reflection for the pole.

8. I have founded a dismantling and foundry company for old ships. The success is due to the systematic production of recycling machinery and to experience new products. One of them, the fuel tank for takeoff spacecraft. This tank suppresses the stages and reaches the space being reusable in habitable structures. Primordial in lunar settlements.

9. A contract with the United Nations administration allows you to leave the administration of all your projects in development and carry out your personal concerns. Solve another general problem, the "Space Scrap".

10. During their stay in the large plastic mass, together with a research group, they developed a sustainable oxygen generation system in an unfavorable environment. The project came to fruition, the process is unknown, it is inspired by the rudimentary stomach, described above, and by oxygen-generating bacteria from water and algae that consumes carbon dioxide.

11. The fauna, flora and life under the plastic continent were studied, as well as foods based on algae, jellyfish, crustaceans. And it was investigated in electricity generators based on seawater and metals. Electrolytic batteries. Mussel and oyster mussel farming offshore platforms. Some food and energy products were sent with the survival houses. Also the reconversion of plastic into liquid fuel.

12. When the plastic recycling was profitable, the multinational wanted a part. The lawsuits were neutralized by proposing to the consuming countries, the large garbage dump, a percentage of the raw material obtained, in gross blocks, the payment and they could reduce the pollution, plus the recycling achieved without contamination. The intervention of the United Nations was prevented, that prevents the use of recycled plastic in any product that is less than 1m x 0.50cm x 0.10cm on land and 1m x1m x1m in the sea without the coast without antidegradation treatment. Subject resolved.

14. The scrap project was almost impossible, the impediments of the powers for their supremacy in space, the most difficult to overcome. Finding an irresistible offer seemed impossible. It is there where the charisma and the cause of a person, triggers the reason.

15. The Scrap proposal was:

1º.An independent company of every state or country. Supervised by the new International Space Confederation,

2nd.The collection of the elements would be requested by the owners. Its identification and express permission are essential.

3º. To remain in the property of the Scrap dealer the residues and material out of use, with the option of purchase of the former owner, if it is possible to identify.

4thIf the origin can not be identified, the expenses invested in the capture will be transferred to the Confederation. The collected material remains in the property of the junkyard.

5th The requested material would be delivered at a specific point in space, on the moon or redirected to the earth in established coordinates.

Discussions more or less and resolved.

20. Since then El Chatarrero inhabits the space -.

- Well, is it a comic or story? -

- And why not? .. -.

- I tell or not there is The Hermit! Junkman or whatever his name is, flashing between the stars !! -

- Is married? ... -.

- For today it is worth, eh! .. -.




17º Let's talk about love.

- Let's talk about love -.

- "Of those who go to the galleys for love of others"? -

- Go with the "Quixote" -.

- Or "The scant love of those who love each other in secret"? -

- How much dodge!, They with the subject of love experts to avoid it -.

- Except when they are dating ... very romantic, inspired by love phrases -.

- Or when they call him love in search of something else -.

Female laughs

- Always the same! Our proposals are interesting -.

- We want to talk about love love. 
The one that "supposedly" we have. 

That for you was: "Like an island to which two come swimming driven by mutual love" -.

- Well ... with Don Juan -.

- Not! It is a true feeling -.

- And how long does it last? -

- Supposedly forever -.

- Always always? .. -.

- But you what are you going ?! .. ask them! -

- That ... always always? -

- In sincere people yes. Which does not mean they should continue together forever.

- Huy huy huy .. how are you going to get out of that? -

- That's what I asked! ... tell me tell me -.

- I guess you have understood me ... it does not matter we go to the details, one, there are many.

If it is not enough like the one at the beginning, it will be necessary to return to the shore. The ability to love is lost forever, if one leaves only by abandoning the other in bad conditions. The separation must be like the union. Always talking about healthy people of feelings. Since love has something of dependency ... -.

- Dependency? ... -.

- Yes, dependence on intimate emotional impulses concealed at puberty, with respect to couple's love. Leaving aside the filial love, that is generated from the cradle -.

- It depends, it depends, Can we sing? -

- Do not do the ready interrupting, which then it's your turn -.

- Y Tu? -

- We propose the topic, today we have to listen and ask, if you leave us!

You, interrupt to be able to escape.

- We were in puberty, he continues -.

- I am in a hostile environment. What I can tell you have already lived it, why continue? -

- You follow! -

- What else! .. there we go.

Puberty is a crucial moment.

What was once a forbidden innocent game, becomes a lethal weapon of life -.

- Prohibited games .. deadly weapon of life. 
That you are born in another country, for sure. But no, on another planet! -

- Well, let's see ... when we were little we played the doctor, the father and the mother, imitating their actions as much as possible. Like everyone. Do not? .. -.

- Yes .. yes .. like everyone! -

- Claaro! ... of course continues -.

Smiles accomplices.

- I always loved girls. 
I was not going to miss such fun games -.

- Depraved, you were a depraved! -

- That goes!, He was very shy, they went ahead referring to that, normal girls -.

- Normal?! -

- Completely mind! ..

Everything is natural when it is developed within the same generation. The danger is the intruders of previous generations -.

- And that has all that with love -.

- Everything!, We loved being together, we played and experimented, we loved each other without jealousy. True! I was the only baron.

The other guys on the street with the ball, bicycles, bows and arrows. I also of course and also some girls, if they left, something rare.

The girls invited us to play hide and seek. To the king fisherman and several games more. We did not like them, unless you had a meteor.

- Metejón? ... -.

- Metejón, "Enamoramiento apasionado" -.

- Well, go on! -

- Where do you want to go? -

- In the background and beyond!


And continue! -

- I do not know what I said? -

- That they played the fisherman .. for the metejon -.


- When I went to the girls' house, they were special moments -.

- Specials and Specials !! ... -.

- I was eight or nine years old, I went to a priest's school, we had to confess. The priest asked if he had committed impure acts .. What would matter to him? .. Enclosed in his confessional .. -.

- Shut up, shut up !! -

- Continued or what? -

- Yes, I have continued experimenting ... -.

- I am telling you something that means a lot to me and is a fundamental part of who I am.

Continued: The slow time of childhood continued its course and began to accelerate .. appeared rivals, other guys .. "love", jealousy, intrigue.

"Puberty erase childhood."

And many had a hard time .. Since then I had stood firm in love and that my childhood friends gave me.

I admire the effort to maintain their independence, the ones that achieved it.

I believe that love in me, manifests itself in the feminine gender .. of course, sex as well -.

- This ... is a bird !! ... -.

- At the moment it's in my nest! ... -.

- Come on dear, it's your turn! -

- On one occasion I heard my father tell his father, talking about opinions and things about the elderly .. "What about women and men is not a matter of gender, it is a kind" ... 
Well ... love is. ... -

- Come on! ... -.

- That my partner freaks me, be it for the matter that is, is very good .. Mmm .. you have me crazy and where it continues like this leaves me in the bones .. -.

- Oh ... honey ... mua mua ... -.


- And if we go? -

- Violin in a bag and on the other side with singing or crying -.

- The day after our marriage, going through the streets of the town with their parents and entering them in any place with an open door. 
His father told me, with a smile .. 
"Eat, eat ... let's go .. This is a job that you have to use patience".


18º. New message.

- New message. Commander, commander wake up .. -.

- Yes read .. -.

- We appreciate the data sent and we request to contribute our collaboration working together in the process of the electromagnets. We check the contract and know your rights and rates. However, we are worried about the consequences that may be generated. And being an activity that takes place in the furthest point inhabited in space, we could collect data that can be used in future developments. We wait for an answer. "

That is all -.

- All !. It seems little?, If I allow them to participate I will be giving the can, in addition to having to sleep for patents and clauses of civilian or military coconuts .. No! -

- That responds? -

- Record. Message received, I will think about it, wait for my answer. Submit -.

- Sent. The message is not conclusive -.

- Yes, I have told them to wait, I have taken them off for a while, if they insist the answer will be direct. DO NOT! -

- New message -.

- Jo, what part of wait, have not understood? -

- It is the frequency of private company China, Chinland -.

- What are these painting here? Read -.

- Dear comrade DOA0129:

Our contacts in the CIE have given us their position. We want you to inform us if you have retrieved the MCH002 probe from the orbit of Mars that we requested. And if the satellite repair lab and the production team are active. We are extremely interested in hiring you to modify the probe and send it to the Kupier Belt. We would have liked not to be inopportune. Ignoring their position or destiny until today, we learned of their collaboration with the CIE by the deployment of a shield of intensification of the earth's magnetic field, before a solar storm. Disseminated in the news of the 24 hours. We came up with this project. Knowing the intensity of your mission, take the time before answering.The shorter the closer the target. Have a quiet trip. The general manager of Chinland.

That is all -.

- I charge no god! .. The news of the 24 hours, put them on screen at once -.

- New message -.

- Plus? -

- It's from his mother.

- My Mother! ... read -.

- Hello, we're fine. We were called a very nice boy from the Los Roques observatory so we could see the news of the 24th. That was good news about you. They would not say your name, but I would not miss it. 
And so it was, you did it again, another gleaming flash in space. We are very proud of you. We love you Pa and Ma -.

- Well ... at least my parents are happy. Dictation

"I love them too, it was unintentional, I'm far away." 
Consider it a late and fortuitous kiss from me for your birthday. Give Pa a kiss from me. " Submit.

Record automatic response for the next messages. 
"I'm in my 24 hour sleep period, I will respond as soon as possible" -.

- Sent and recorded. The video of the 24 hours on screen -.

[To the people who on the night of yesterday, observed in the sky the flashes in the constellation of Orion. We inform you of the report of the confederation of the space on the subject.

The period of solar storms beat record activity. Forcing us to investigate and experience a shield of reinforcement, to the terrestrial magnetic field, protector of solar radiation.

The budget is very high and is developed in collaboration with private companies.

The federation works for the safety of the planet effectively.

The spatial development tax is essential and mandatory, without it the planet's security would not be possible.

We put a video taken from the powerful telescope of the observatory "El Roque", where the experiments were done by the federation are visualized and analyzed.]

- But it is a small flash recorded with an amateur telescope and these milking the cow. 
Joo, I take a marc and sleep the cute. I've been awake for a long time, just a headbutt. 
Something to attend? -

- Except for some unforeseen, the selected maximum speed will be reached in 23 hours -.

- Well, let's go back to normal and no messages. 
Put the music you want -.

- In the raffle came "sleepy California" -.

- Fair -.



19º. The stir.

- The stir that your are have caused! -

- I got into trouble? .. -.

- He has someone to leave!, His father and it's you! -

- He is very clever, that of "Do what you see", he has it solved, where there is nobody but him -.

- I congratulated him on his new flash! 
The surprising thing is that the TV is giving him the dazzle, the shield and the experiments.

- I hope you know how to maintain anonymity and do not ever betray your identity, not even your grandson -.

- Of course! I will not put anyone at risk. 
I have explained it to me in its beginnings the danger that we can run.

- His cause, I admire her! At her age we were already retired -.

- Called the journalist friend of yours -.

- Which one of them? -

- The young man who works in the newspaper and the radio. I want another interview. 
I told him that you do not accept any more interviews, I have insisted, I said that is not about your books, no particular subject, just reflections or what you want -.

- I'm not for those jogs, one thing is friendship and another work, I prefer it as friendship -.

- You used to like interviews.

- He had something to say! .. today it is all so obvious, the one that does not see it, is because he does not want -.

- Maybe they do not see it because they do not know it's there! ...

"Like a chameleon!" For example! -

- Ok .. that is the thinking of anybody. 
An anonymous interview and voice distortion -.

- Between the mist of the city, at dawn or at sunset? -

- The years pass and it is a pleasure to talk to you ... those poetic brushstrokes -.

- Go! ready -.

- Your friend, the super !, The are that the master is going to cost a paste -.

- Que?! -

- Tell him not to do it, to give him the pasta and send him to live in Mexico for a while.

- Definitely crazy! -

- Give him an opportunity and take him out of the museum before his working life begins. Then he will see! I have finished without taking anything, I have ready, I have just needs an opportunity. There are many people who have resources in their environment. A vision with knowledge and from another perspective will make them develop both.

- I do not follow you ... I'm in something else -.

- You tell him that I think, the best thing is to send him to Mexico or there, always in the West, for bad business east .. Here you have several masters and little creativity, so that one more .. Experience experience that look for it! -

- Ok ... our child arrives -.

- Hello! ... in the school only talk about that experiment in space .. They saw it on TV? -

- The super does not talk about anything else ... I told it to your bis -.

- The teacher of mate put it on video and took the opportunity to explain magnetic fields and fill us with formulas and operations. 
It looks like the tax bustle. That seems, huh ?! .. -.

- If you say it! ... we are already older -.

- Seniors ?! .. maybe, a little distracted. 
You are very smart !! .. -.

20º. Quantum I love you Bis!

- Quantum, quantum I love you Bis! -

- Quantum honey! -

- The teacher put us in that world I already knew him. "The cat in the box, the slit with a camera or without a camera". Tomorrow we have to expose something that shows that we have understood it -.

- Y..? -

- You give me a hand? -

- Is that ... cheating? -

- More cheat than the quantum world! that when there is a witness behaves differently -.

- That's it! Give me an example that can be given in your class, anyone who meets the conditions you have told me -.

- Huy, bis .. mm .. ah .. I 
already have it !! ..

When the Lord leaves class ... the boys behave as in the QUANTUM world !! .. 
Thanks Bis !! .. -.

- And what did I do ?! .. Be careful, think about it! -

- The Bis has returned to school! .. See you later Bis! -

- What a smile !. What happened?! Where are you going ?! ... 
What were you doing? ... It counts.

- That they are going to put a bad note if he listens to me -.

- With that do not play eh !!! ... -.



21º. Pass us your data of the Networks!

At recess

- That plumb of quantum class! -

- The teacher did not find the roll -.

- Pass us your data of the Networks! -

- I'm not in the network! -

- Yes!, We already know that you do not exist -.

- You have a pseudonymous Avatar whatever, you'll have something! -

- You are not in Society, Citinet or Cockatoo, at least with your name -.

- I'm not registered in these networks, but I saw everything you publish -.

- Go smart! If we have not authorized you, you have only seen the public profile -.

- You, you went to the Caribbean last year, you had an accident and everyone left unharmed, I can continue but it is not necessary -.

- You're going from ready! That's not right, enter our network without authorization! -

- In your email I have not entered!, That is private and what is in the networks is public access, the authorizations and private does not really exist, it is a return that you give before entering directly -.

- We feel very bad that you entered without authorization, there is no excuse I did not trust you! -

- If there was a test that showed that I did not do anything wrong ?! Well there is, I entered through that open door that you incomprehensibly, do not know what is, or where it is! You told me they searched the net and they did not find me, I went in and found them .. what's wrong with them?! -

- That you have sneaked without permission, that's bad -.

- When you were in Mexico, after registering with your family at the hotel, your social networks were visited by many unregistered users and from unidentified servers. You know why ?! -

- No idea. Oh! ... our friends !! .. -.

- Do not! They were looking for information from you to sell or try to extort them.

- Impossible !! -

- The states are the first interested in having the doors open for them and knowing all the information and behaviors of all. The companies of their employees, their environment, children friends, as they think and feel, nor tell them about the sales and the market of crime.

- This is cool! You're sick in the head.

You are a danger! -

- We are very vulnerable, you are filing everything, your parents are doing everything they do. "The United Nations warned years ago of the dangers of publishing any information about children in the network." 
To protect us from unscrupulous people and entrepreneurs, everything that is about you, in the network will be there forever, whatever they say. With unimaginable consequences! -

- He wants to scare us !! -

- Maybe he's right! It's weird but he's well informed -.

- Pictures of when they were born, the first tooth, the last diaper, the school notes, the marriage of mom and dad, divorce, everything ... there!, In the eyes of the world. More complete than a video game. It is real !! -

- He's a Pirate! or a Hacker -.

- And you, how do you communicate with your friends, with your mother and your father? -

- Like everyone!, By message or phone, I'm going, I'm, we have to talk. In some places we can send postal mail or parcels -.

- And if something important happens private? -

- My family and friends, we have our own servers and a network that does not store data, as private as possible, with my friends we communicate through online games and their dialogues.

- He's on the network and he says no, he's lying to us! -

- It is not your network!, Because you do not understand it? 
Too easy Have you been attentive in class? 
What about my example of when the Lord leaves, remember what happens? -

- Yes, it's obvious but it has nothing to do with this! -

- Yes, it has to do!, You leave the network and there is like the class without Profe, there are snitches of course as in class, but what I say to you if you do not count it does not exist -.

The class bell rings

- Here is not the thing! ... if you are part of us you will have to prove it -.

- Look for a very old movie, if you do not find it, I hang it for a day, you know for the rights. It's called "The Truman Show." 
And they tell me -.



22º. What's wrong?

In another recreation

- What's wrong with you, have you been here for a few days? -

- What does it matter to you? -

- Is that you are always making a mess and see you here .. something difficult happens to you -.

- Do you want to fight? ... -.

- What's up! ... we're partners -.

- Surely you're a snitch too.

- Chivato? .. I have said some things but that never .. 
If there is nothing I can do .. I leave you alone -.

- Wait ... you live with your grandparents, yes? -

- Yes, with my great-grandparents -.

- Your parents are separated, right? -

- Yes, for some years -.

- Then you know what this is about.

When did they stop arguing and your father beat your mother, when did they split up? -

- Discuss sometime .. never stick -.

- Never !! .. You have forgotten .. I also want to forget but every three or four days again .. I eat home, my little sister crying and Mama drying her tears .. She looks at me with a very sad smile.

When I am not hit, from the day I came to scream out the window, he also hit me -.

- Because you do not talk to the Miss the Tutor or The Director -.

- You said you're not a sneak! You cheat and I kill you! -

- Of course not !. I will not say anything to anyone I promise, word from friend, I know it goes .. -.

- And the neighbors what do they do? Do you have neighbors, right? -

- They close the windows .. they are fed up .. 
Are you satisfied? ... You will not see me cry I am very strong!, I do not speak more about the subject or ask again. Is it clear?! -

- Very clear! .. Do not doubt, I was surprised to see you like that .. I understand you -.

- I have distrusted the others, so correct and their new things, they sure pay them so they do not say anything -.

- It is possible that some -.

- Okay, do not talk anymore! -

The class bell rings.



23º. Did you notice something strange?

- Did you notice something strange in our child? -

- Now that you say it, a little down or tired -.

- No!, It's something else, I have that feeling of a mother or a woman who never left me -.

- Do not ask anything, if at all tomorrow. 
I have got into trouble soon we will find out.

- What are we going to have dinner? -

- I asked him to make us cannelloni, the way his mother does when he comes to visit us -.

- They are very rich!, He will be happy -.

- I hope so! -

- The table is ready, I call the boy? -

- Yes please, we will be waiting for you -.

- They were waiting for me, what do we eat today? -

- Aaahh ... Did you wash your hands? -

- You forget eh .. I'm older -.

- Dinner can already be served, that dish is for him! ... -.

- Thanks ... they're mom's cannelloni, how rich! -

- I like them too, your mother's recipe is the best! -

The child breaks into tears in anguish.

- What's up, dear? ... I supposed you'd be happy -.

- Yes. I'm happy and very happy.

Thanks, nothing happens to me.

- If there is something we can help you with, you know here we are -.

- Yes bis dear Bis .. Can you tell me one of your stories tonight as when I was little? -

- Of course !. The old days eh ?! .. -.

- And it is! -

They all smile.

- This one I really like, I had a night in which your great grandmother had a very difficult day and could not sleep.

In the beginnings of the memory of beings:

There was a group of bipedal not very numerous.

In the winter months its habitat was transformed by the influence of snow and cold, in a beautiful but irremediably hostile place.

Usually that period was spent in an area of ​​abundant forest with small clearings.

The place was only used in winter, guaranteeing firewood and hunting, essential in such harsh circumstances.

Thus began one of the critical periods for the survival of this apparently well-organized group.

It was a pleasure to see his daily life, hunting to deer, digging for some root, collecting firewood.

The noise of the children jutted out a little above the other sounds, for there everything was murmuring.

Security depended on going unnoticed.

One day, the group's routine changed, they were all positively more effusive.

Three went into the woods, near their makeshift hide shelters. Others were looking for something in the place where they ended up piling up the useless things, for now. A worn boot, a ribbon of faded hair, the handle of a broken knife, something that looked like a glove, in short everyone picked up something. Of course, trying to go unnoticed, without matching anyone.

Self-absorbed in diverse and personal tasks at the same time, it was difficult to understand what happened at first sight.

Someone was looking very carefully for a right and long branch, apparently it should have a certain weight. An old man with two rabbit skins, in front of a large tree covered with his back the work he was doing. The pounding of stone against stone came from an undefined part of the forest.

I could be hours telling what this small group of about twenty-five or thirty people was doing that day.

The night came quickly, just as a handful of chestnuts are stored in a sack. Those beings collected the product of their labor and one by one they hid it in the forest, sheltering quickly in their fur shelters.

There was a murmur, as if they were feeding.

Then the silence, the howl of distant wolves, songs of curuxas, some roaring and the sound of the wind.

Falling from the snow completely erased the habitat of those people.

The three who left in the morning did not return.

The nocturnal glow of the snow was reddish purple dyed.

Filtering through the clouds of the horizon, to glittering golden sunbeam emerges dazzling.

The mound of snow and skins began to tremble and shake.

Three silhouettes coming out of the shadows of the forest to the white of the snow. They made an easy sound to interpret as a call and the sleepers began to emerge wrapped in their skins.

A warm murmur was present.

The three brought dragging in a kind of improvised sledge, three deer and two boars, not very large.

That was a hullabaloo, they inexplicably began to collect all their things. Meanwhile they ate something and continued with the work.

They loaded everything on branches tied to one end, while one by one they went stealthily to pick up the object they had hidden in the forest, keeping it with dissimulation among their things.

At the time the caravan departed, pulling the ends of the branches, could see one or two people according to the size of the dragged.

They were seen losing themselves in the thicket of the forest.

There was neither murmur nor trace since a sudden snow erased it.

The eagle song encompassed everything.

From the heights a beautiful white landscape was contemplated, mountains, forests, clear, low and high clouds, some leave snow, others reflect the light of the sun under a blue sky.

A ray of sunlight opens in a small clearing of the forest that has left a huge dry tree. I find them again, I approach them to contemplate them better, I can assure you, they seem very busy.

Some are cleaning the boar and deer, the three hunters wrapped in their skins, illuminated by the sun sleep. The rest, in various tasks, riding skins around trees as a shed or bringing branches and trunks of the forest, prepare a kind of seats and tables, are making fires and roasting chestnuts, some rabbit, deer and wild boar.

To all this, one by one discreetly climbs the big dry tree and hangs something that I can not identify at the moment.

In this way, the day goes by.

I observe that from time to time, taking advantage of the sporadic rays of the sun, they stop and eat.

The afternoon is falling and the big dry tree has taken on another aspect, loaded with a wide variety of objects.

Inevitably the night is approaching and with it all around the tree.

There is a hullabaloo. This time without any pretense begin to climb the tree.

The owner of the worn boot attracted by his old object finds a pair of carefully made rabbit fur boots, the owner of the faded hair ribbon, finds it tied to a tanned deerskin, the handle of the broken knife has already a new blade of sharp stone, that night its owner will cut roasted venison meat.

The late hunter who has just awakened, hastens to identify some of his hanging objects, finds him next to a splendid holly rod, just to renew his old spear.

Everyone collected their offering, the smallest were raised so that they could grab them, the older ones were reached by the young.

That moment united them, nourishing their life force.

When the great tree became naked again, the more agile climbed up and began to cut its branches.

The females opened the hides of wild boar, containers of the fermented juice of the forest fruits, collected selectively, pouring them into wooden bowls, mud or improvised in the cavity of the hands of those who drank them.

The night began, the branches fell to feed the rapidly growing fire.

Almost everyone swirled around, the murmur grew and I can confirm that they were laughing too.

A few went into the dense forest, along with a large dry branch, lived those moments in solitude, equally happy.

From the top you could see the glow of the fire and those figures around it in the small glade of the forest. And some small glow here and there.

Not in vain was the longest night.

The curuxa sang, in the place that predicted a sunny day.

The bis turned off the light, leaving the room in the dim light coming from the window, approached and could distinguish the brightness of a star that was reflected in his wet eyes.



24th Today is the day.


- Today is the day that you have to schedule the work together that you are so much looking forward to -.

Everybody says.

- ESTA BIEN..... -.

- Schedule the options and they will be presented to the Director, I have them to choose one of them.

I leave them in the task until recess time.

Keep the forms, see you later -.

Everybody says.

- See you later, Miss.

- Well here we are ... and? ... -.

- You already have it to see what idea you propose us? -

- It's not me who has it ... it's the class and we're all. I propose a job to do together, we must agree on the subject and it is everyone's responsibility -.

- To me ... what about the electric generator I like -.

- I ... I propose to visit the TV studio and make a summary of the experience -.

- In this way it is very chaotic! ...

We have to organize! -

- Let's name someone to preside over the class ... -.

- I! ... -.

- I! ... -.

- Moment, raise your hand the volunteers! -

- Volunteers ?! .. and us? -

- I only heard female voices.

- Is that they want to be in everything !!, be the first -.

- Better! .. Is there a male who wants to preside over the class and present the work to the Director? .. Expose the reason for our assignment and convince him? -

- Sure .. you! -

- What's up !! ... my work is done.

I managed to be given this opportunity, I will cooperate with the project as everyone -.

- When you said ... preside over the class ... you did not say anything about going to the director -.

- Right, but someone will have to do it and the boys do not want to, then ... Who? -

- Well, if you want to preside over the class, we will take turns presiding and the other takes note. The most suitable anger to the Director ... Ok? -

- And it is.

- And it is ... -.

The "Yes" of the girls was enthusiastic, that of the boys reluctantly.

The proposals were many, some without feet and much less head. In the discard these were the first to disappear and the rest did not fill any collective need.

Encased in this crossroads and a few minutes from the end of time:

- I ask the permission to talk! -

- Granted! -

- She does not !. That will burn our lashes! -

- Shut up or the patio! ... You, say! -

- First of all I want to apologize.

For chivarme with Solis. I have reconsidered. I inquired and some reason was in his story.

Look at his partner )

My proposal is: To investigate the contradictions of history according to where it has been written, continent or country. Present the work to the director and ask him to give us a kind of clarification.

I offer to take the request and explain the reason -.

- Come!, I had it saved for the end, when there is no time left -.

- Let's vote! -

- And it is.

- And it is.

- Proposal approved by majority -.

The enthusiasm is general.

Enter Master.

- Already! ... Attention, managed to find some issues that can provide something essential for all? -

- And it is.

- And who will expose them to the director for approval? -

- And it is.

- Next week has a 15 minute meeting with the Director, to expose the theme -.

The ringer of the recess sounds


25th The catharsis


The catharsis, News Special Edition.

The UN declares war for the first time.

The Secretary General began his speech, cold and vehement, saying:

1. Before the imminent solar storm that devastates the human race and its legacy.

2. Let's erase from the face of the earth this chauvinist scourge and that does not contaminate whoever can subsist.

3. To leave unharmed of this situation, be this, the point of meeting with the course of evolution.

4. Today we must not only regret the suffering that women suffer at the hands of Men. We must fight it.

The fratricidal massacres of a month of wars are the deaths that in just 24 hours suffer the victims of machismo in the world.

5. Countries that due to Cultural, Religious, Superstitious, or Pseudo-Religious or other reasons will be expelled from the UN within 24 hours, if they do not comply with Human Rights.

6. Being immediately the protection of women. Committing to deliver to the UN the accused, civilian military or politician of any action that violates the right of the woman of free choice of his life.

7. The air embargo of the country that is not accepted, will be carried out in 24 hours. The human rights justice commission will dictate that however.

8. In 24 hours the capitals of the aggressor country and citizens of this country will be seized, worldwide.

The measure will be supervised by the Special Capital Organization, with the capacity to intervene in, The World Bank, The IMF, and other entities.

With the participation of Switzerland and large Reserve Banks that will be remunerated with a daily percentage for the capital withheld. The amount of tax will be 1% on the first day, 2% on the second day and thus increasing successively. 50% of what was obtained for the cooperating entities and the rest in the development of women, girls and boys.

9. Sanctions will be lifted when the equality norms and the legal tools for compliance are imposed.

10. They will be able to have their reservations only for strictly detailed actions.

The commotion in the room is tremendous.

United Nations, after long years of recovery from the fatal blow of the "Gulf War".

You risk Disappearing Definitely.

The Arab countries take the floor.

- We will not allow a woman to interfere in matters that go beyond the tolerable human condition. To usurp the power of our traditions -.

The representative of the USA replies.

- If they are going to take the punishment measures similar to when they stopped supplying, weapons used in the extermination of civilians, we will deactivate all of your defense equipment that the US has provided you.

The Russian representative says.

- Russia will never allow interference in its foreign and trade policy of any country and even less, of the UN where it has the right of veto -.

The Chinese representative interrupts.

China supports the decisions of the UN president. The measure does not affect him, the Chinese solvency is not at risk since its trade with other countries is solved with exchange of raw material and food in exchange for technology and means.

This measure will intensify and accelerate the production of biofuels, by having to invest the capital that goes into oil

Offering to the service of the UN its military capacity if necessary.

Security personnel enter the room for the first time in the face of the magnitude of the events and the atmosphere of tension that at times seems to come to blows.

The Arab countries try to motivate African countries, including the representation of India that for the moment remains undaunted. Something totally unpredictable and dangerous, given how well we know the behavior of the Indian population with women and the nuclear power of this power.

The representative of Israel remains in total silence, perhaps that "his resent bloody intervention in the occupied territories", was totally ignored.

The president takes the floor:

- As a representative of the largest regulatory body on the planet, I will not allow this behavior.

Keep calm and those who can not behave the room, or will be expelled by force. Taking into account that from that moment they will be declared hostile countries.

- Commander, Commander.


- Jo! .. what a dream !! ... about to open the doors of the hell or the stairs to heaven.

What happens? -

- That's been sleeping for 22 hours.

It will be the fault of the mona del marc -.

- A new one, you feel alone! -


- We just reached cruising speed, everything is OK. The messages do not stop arriving -.

- You have the automatic answer activated? -

- Affirmative -.

- And the remote control connection deactivated? -

- Disconnected by you manually days ago and the key was saved, I do not have access -.

- Very well ... very well ... everything in order ... already ..

... ... I already ....... -.

- Commander -.

- Yes .. yes .. ya .. sii ..-


26º. Dialogue without witnesses.


- Do not you feel disturbed by your speculations of such a particular world and so many opposing characters, plotting circumstances without an enlightening purpose? -

- A question that starts with a negative induces a slightly optional response, yes or no. You make it easy for me, no! .. Disturbed at all, rather liberated -.

- Released! Go, being a spectator and witness of what you have written surprises me -.

- The condition of spectator or witness is more than enough for incomprehension. The difficult thing is to feel protagonist -.

- Neither to be an actor, to submerge and take on the work feeling the protagonist of it -.

- If not, it is impossible to have a reference close to what is exposed.

Whether we agree or not, it is essential to be at the center of the role and from there to experience, accept, refute or correct attitudes, circumstances and feelings. Before the minimum lack of interest or irrepressible repulsion of that role, leave the scene and contemplate. Provided that from within, there is no alternative for improvement, not for understanding only.

- Could you give me an example?

- Nietzsche the philosopher, poet, musician, one of "God has died", recreated the theory of "Eternal return". The basic theme content: Submerged in a repetitive universe, like a perpetual engine, you and I would be repeating this encounter cycle after cycle.

I assumed that he proposes:

" Since it is perpetually repeated, let's live as well as possible and we will save future perpetual suffering."

A coherent proposition, before the monstrous situation impossible to accept.

This did not stop me from correcting and concluding that;

"Since our life is unique and each act is unrepeatable, let us live our best".

His metaphor is deeper, I was worth it with that.

I will never be clear about the end of his approach.

But yes, the one I gave him.

Was that his intention?

Propose something that my reason or feeling had to develop a deep defense mechanism? -

- Well, and the release? -

- It is commented, that the structure of each language, affects the perception of physical, temporal and emotional location of each individual in their social condition. If we add to this the cultural ballast, few possibilities of different human circumstances and feelings, we can develop.

Part of the development work in one concept, is done with effort, the other part arises from spontaneous consequence of opposition.

In the range that lies between the center of the two (the dark and the light) is the treasure. It's what I define as free, the area where you can explore possibilities -

- Free ?. Yes .. very free your way of expressing -.

- When my little universe begins to motivate and take shape a little I can not but be a writer of events that are unleashing.

The own reflexes of the verbal and social structure plus the accumulated in me, is expressed.

Perpetual human facets appear with slight modifications.

In the evaluation they will form new attitudes, they will reach the point that they can not be defined as "human".

- Cast? .. -.

- The word humans I use sometimes in the current sense, which defines their actions. Not in the classical lyrical sense.

The gender according to geographical location or simply environment, dramatically changes the consequences generated by it.

In definition of humans, articles "the" or "the", can become victimizer or victim;

"The supposed honor or belonging, becomes the right of anger, resentment and atrocious revenge. Meanwhile," The "freedom to express oneself and the decision of its own identity, becomes a victim of the previous concept.

Being in the opposite environment;

"The" freedom of expression and decision of their own identity, more important than, "The" alleged honor or belonging.

You are two alternatives that imperturbable move slightly before a disturbing event, little change the persistent culture. Drowning all new behavior that attempts against its apparent perpetuity.

" The inexhaustible river of possibilities of change, overflows in victims, add those that are interposed to a forced change".

It is inevitable, we witness the change that is hidden behind the evolution of dependence, it expands and indoctrinates. And at the same time, one of the consequences not programmed in the minds and feelings that will motivate the beings that are capable of evaluating their condition. Motivating them to overcome "the human", in search of their Free Will.

Not by last generation of means and emotional reasoning, it will be less bloody than previous attempts or changes.

- Behind the evolution of dependence? -

- Let's take for granted, for a moment, "the technological advance" and recognize its irrefutable merits, leaving aside the atrocious ones.

The so-called social networks that exist from immemorial origin, achieved the survival of the species without any technological means, protected by privacy.

Nowadays, the social network is a deliberate weapon of dependence and mass dissemination.

It publishes the privacy that protected the individual as being independent within their environment of coexistence.

It forces them to generate a public character, which is not moved by concerns of their daily palpable environment. 
Absorbing his own reality intoxicating him with an inconsequential protagonism.

It is there where dependence is used to generate opinion, provoke moods, motivate a reason and drag masses into a situation of change. Programmed exclusively to mobilize to identify and eliminate everything that could threaten the established order.

- A test! -

-One test?, The uprisings against totalitarian regimes that failed. Motivated and developed from social networks. Aware of the lack of preparation of those who called and committed to act. The victims of totalitarianism.

They multiplied their suffering in death, prison, persecution, until the submission and extermination if possible.

Radicalism is ever more omnipresent and little space is left for a dignified withdrawal.

From always, the established order is specialized in promoting intrigues anonymously against itself, awakening possible future dissidents. 
Aligning them in active and conflicting structures to thoroughly exterminate with apparent legality.

The end of the goal, guaranteed as always.

If the change wakes up by itself will be realized, they know it ... Someday ... -.

- A lot is missing? -

- We are in the same point of the dawn of humanity from another perspective.

The same predators lurking.

We have more knowledge, although there is a lack of motivation, goal and impetus at the moment -.

- Any formula? -

- The most immediate parallel universe. In broad daylight without raising suspicion, interacting minimally with the established order. 
Developing it as a book or journal that other things will never see.

Many are already in and only the smile is able to tell (Ex: Democritus).

Global peace is impossible at the moment, personal peace, not because it is less complex, is easy to achieve, the more empathy is more distant.

There is a way maybe ... take the limits and act honestly. Do not hide from yourself the aberrant human condition that others harden and unmask those who foment and profit from ego. Many tried, in vain.

- Develop and inhabit a parallel universe expressing it to the four winds, you know that the great eye is an active spectator aware of your proposal -.

- He knows ... that if there is no escape valve the events can not be controlled.

In all western authoritarianism there is a kind of buffoon which is expressed by pointing out the most critical points that can trigger an uprising.

When listening to him in public and in the open, passive dissidents feel their thinking reflected and they give up their restlessness, being dismantled by the fact that their opinion is public and? -

- Nothing changes -.

- Apparently .. the machinery analyzes the adverse reactions and if there are any it suppresses them -.

- What defines as an adverse reaction? -

- An apparent inconsequential comment. An everyday dialogue that triggers the alarm, example:

- "You saw last night what Paco * told the general -.

- It was time for someone to tell you what is happening -.

- That has already been said on the TV problem solved .. to continue as if nothing "-.

That controversial final sentence is the beginning of the persecution and repression of who expresses it and meticulous follow-up of the witnesses -.

- A little paranoid? -

- Exactly ... but not enough. If I had said;

"That! .. they have already told him on TV, to see what they argue that they speak of persecution, repression and manipulation of the media."

Nothing would happen -.

- That will have been in the last decade.

What is the current current reference? -

- Something closer, finding me not far from here. I witnessed a police arrest. The attitude of the correct police.

Unfortunately, the supposed delinquent in a state of extreme violence and exaltation was reduced by force. Already locked in the patrol car, I persisted with his feet and head to destroy the destructible. A voice with a foreign accent was heard: - "He is Romanian and he is upset, but he is good" -.

Who before the Romanian word does not remember "Ceaucescu" and the social and cultural consequences? -

- Maybe a young man! -

- What really surprised me, was the comment of a lady who with all her arrogance expressed .. "At the time of the regime, they took him to the Campa, they gave him a good one and we did not see his hair anymore" - Totally real mind.

She did not ignore the atrocious.

I encouraged it!

The conditioning is relentless lasts.

-Back to the above .. is that we go by the branches! -

- The meticulous follow-up of the witnesses? ..

The mechanism of detection is infinitely more sensitive and in constant development. Before I make it very clear with the networks.

I myself using the computer connected to the Internet as a library of my recreation, I am contributing to the supposed radiography of my reason. And it does not seem bad, for a detail ..-.

- Which one? -

- For me ... the only valid one.

" I am conscious", I deliberately use this medium as a witness to which to resort anywhere.

My way of interpreting what surrounds me, will be part of the possible intelligence that will spontaneously develop.


In addition, nothing is fairly new there is in all the exposed.

" It is the inconsistent repertoire full of fatuous arguments that mean nothing or consequence drag".

- Refers to ephemeral lights at the top of the mast? -

- You said it .. thank you -.

* Paco?, Comic character, controversial. In full authoritarian regime was expressed in a critical and unpunished on TV, in full censorship for all kinds of media, more than 70 journalists were killed or disappeared in that period.

Their work is considered by some as the voice of the people in difficult times. M .. m?



27º. Review and clarifications.


- In the previous interview ended with, "In addition, there is nothing new in all of the above, it is the inconsistent repertoire full of fatuous arguments that mean nothing or consequence drag." 
Do you consider the current existence a loop?

- To exist on this planet is to feed the loop of life.

To cohabit in a social environment is to contribute to the cultural loop or be absorbed by it.

The whirlwind that some events provoke in the feeling of the social environment, unleashes the great tornado.

Everything is misplaced, while everything revolves, many try that the own weight of the elements keep them in place, while others strive to achieve another location.

Let's suppose; after the cataclysm the objects are closer to a new location and are cataloged with the concept of full change. Supposedly without unanimous consensus.

One and the other position arose from the same substrates of the previous, very likely in opposite situation.

As the new location stabilizes and attempts to perpetuate itself, inevitably the whirlwind begins the cycle.

- We are concretely in a perpetual loop? -

- Perpetual .. perpetual .. almost .. rather a simulation.

There are always small changes.

Most people who inhabit the so-called developed world, are convinced that the past was worse.

Those that are outside of that environment, because they are unable to reach it, long for their extinct forests. Converted into deserts, fields or livestock, of which they can not survive.

Snatched by intruders, they are watered by the blood of their original extinct inhabitants at the hands of such a powerful invader.

The developed world mostly lacks natural resources, except technology and the force of arms, intimidation in many cases.

In addition to having the treacherous attitude of some natives educated in greed and weapons.

Conscious, the interests that forged the developed world of the lack of expansion sites, repress again and squeeze the resources of their own environment of origin.

Expropriating first the rights of citizens ... (acquired with much effort, death, prison and exile), then their resources and assets.

They will be able to guide them in motives and embark them as always in a war, if they are left. Most likely not very far in the two dimensions -.

- Space and time? -

- Mmm! -

- Do you feel pessimistic? -

- Por favor! optimist butt -.

- What he says seems the opposite -.

- The Titanic was sinking, someone screaming in the corridors and covered

"The ship sinks, there are several drowned in the cellars".

Is it a pessimistic, realistic or optimistic message? Sorry I answered myself.

The three things!

It is a "terrible" "real" circumstance and an opportunity to "come out alive".

It requires initiative and optimism, as well as favorable circumstances.

And how many more with the same incentives in this case, more favorable options I suppose -.

- Would you emphasize something to the younger ones? -

- Curiosity, relationships, philosophy, sciences, art, crafts, history and even the lack of understanding of these are excellent complements in reference to "human nature". Useful to take the necessary momentum and create new perspectives. Developing new attitudes in the individual, definitively removing him from dogmas and laws generated exclusively to hinder the development of the "human condition".

- Something more precise -.

- The ethics and feelings exercised by current leaders, should be treated as a bad achievement, almost perpetual.

It is time to overcome this barrier, to assume the responsibility of individual integration in great diversity. Recognize the consequence of our actions in this complex organism that is the universe.

" Miser of the one who fears justice, ignorant that inside him, is the true judge and executioner".

There is no inconsequential act.

Yes, some inapparent.

Have not only the right to change everything, but also the obligation and the means to integrate the beings in harmony and move to another state. Maybe, like the sky in clear day.

Clouds black and very dense to overcome, unmovable for millennia, guarded by meticulous guardians in the mental control of their followers.

Reasons of those who tried and failed, abound everywhere in philosophy, history and science.

The obstacle will be minor, the challenge is there, to help the dirty and sick planet's life from the hands of greedy "irreverent humans".

If you do not find any sense in all this, that's it! Does not have it.

And thanks.

28º. Penultimate day, special act.

- Dear students, today is a special day for me.

I will keep a pleasant memory.

This course like the previous ones, we have learned new things, day by day, this is how they should be every day.

At school we eat only not to learn the subjects of the program. Mathematics, Language, Geography, History and many others.

Our real work here is ...

"Learn to learn"

The subjects are tools to use in learning and discovering new things, which we would never have imagined.

Tools necessary to develop what our restlessness, curiosity or need allows us and more.

We have Our Mind, Our Hands and an abysmal technology of possibilities.

We are, learning to learn.

Today it's my turn to take an exam.

In two subjects, Truth and Experiment.


The story and the truth:

I have been immersed in the work presented on paper by the students for days. An intense work in historical events and conflicting stories, from history books in different parts of the world.

The same fact and the variety of interpretations according to the side, country, continent or race.

And a lot of material not written in books, stories of survivors of disappeared cultures in the name of progress and expansion.

Little can I say of my conclusion.

The teaching programs are elaborated depending on the interests of each culture.

The search for the true story begins after having and knowing how to handle the tools that this institution puts at our disposal.

We will be ourselves, who are motivated by the concern of the truth, with the elementary tools of reading, speaking and the ability to trace, find the evidence that our independent being interprets the hidden truth.

Without forgetting that our truth is, a supposed possibility.

The moment where history is forged is the present.

Take advantage of the alternative provided with the best tools, knowledge and love, for the good of humanity.

The other issue.

An experiment ......

Here it is -.

The Director discovers a medium bulge that is next to his lectern.

It is heard exclaiming.

- How pretty !! -

- Is beautiful !! -

It is an exotic flower in all its splendor.


- This flower is a product of your achievements.

It would not be possible without the motivation that you bring to my life every day.

Thank you -.

To end a special thank you to the children who attend class striving to learn.

And to those who, at the same time, disguise an enormous sadness of negative conditions in their environment. 
Count on us, always with open arms and a willing heart to help you alleviate your feelings.

If you agree, allow us to try to resolve your situation. 
On behalf of Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, Tutors, Tutors and all the staff of this center ........ Thank you -.




Millions of people, if not all, have spoken or talked about it, they have done it since time immemorial.


I had a brother's are, they say. He tried to cleanse his father's fief, erase the infamy and greed. I could do it as an educated, intelligent and sensitive man. It was betrayed. (Maybe, plot that I planned). Captured, tried, tortured and murdered.

His executioners, not his accusers, over time saw the power of the conviction of that man who was still dead, his cause brought together more people every day, free and with the control of their own consciences assuming the consequences.

They, owners of word, life and decision over humans, took the power of that cause. They subdued her, trained her in her service and that of her clan. Under the image of torture on the gallows of that murder, great fortunes accumulated. After its walls, infamy after infamy were forged for millennia, today they remain hidden.

"What is it, can it be? ... the one that generates life on a planet forcing beings to devour each other to exist *".

There were many brothers with similar conviction, anonymous in their majority and final similarity.

So talked about? Is man the one who created him in his image and likeness?, To perpetuate himself and not change?

I glimpse a fortuitous diverse universe *, generating alternatives that certify its own existence.

* Miscellaneous: It is made up of elements of the same nature but with different characteristics.

Causes of the imposed control of pheromones * in the past and current consequences of the use of stress produced by fear and insecurity, in the current control of the species.

Motivated by the invisible world of pheromones and stigmatized by the invisible moral and social conditioning.

The natural development of human impulses is subordinated to the imposed social and moral conditioning. The species came to be developed through these impulses. As the intellect began to prevail, before the abuse and violence of some specimens behavioral norms were generated. These measures that were given to ethics, were soon used depending on each culture. Converting in some cases into tools of manipulation and extortion. Subjecting them to the stress of fear, shame and guilt.

Control the activity generated by pheromones, provides a privileged situation to the one who imposes it. Being the main link in the nature of the species, being controlled by others forces to follow the guidelines to achieve the basic purpose of existence.

The capacity for evolving natural behavior, was distorted by the impostors of ethics. Dragging the individual to motivate himself not by his own impulses knowledge and control. Yes, for the interests of those moral leaders who with violence and punishment, subjugated the natural freedom of reasoning, action and consequence. So aberrant was the attitude of these leaders that today, if the norms established by them for their own benefit were suppressed, in one day the barbarity that would be generated would be difficult, because of the mental atrophy generated in humanity by these norms .

The attitude of individuals should never be governed by rules.

The feeling of equality and fraternity with the environment in general must be induced in a natural way.

In this insane situation that humanity finds itself, where the man kills his circumstantial companion and his children. And devastates millenarian civilizations for material interest, is the irrefutable proof of the manipulation imposed on humanity by a few.

Detractors of this approach will present arguments that have kept the despots in power.


Without rules or rules, there is no possible coexistence.

Without a guardian of these rules would be chaos.

Without a superior punishment induced by fear it would be impossible to live together.

Without a leader who imposes the pressure of power by force and manifests under the rule of his law ... blah blah ... we would not be talking about humanity.

I ask: Is it the current moment?, A reflection of human beings organized in compliance with laws and norms that guarantee the good of humanity? -

"I do not stop the world! I already got off."

The control of the premeditated pheromones that I expose, is evident in the ancient writings. Detailed in the expulsion of happiness and love by supreme imposition. With the excuse of the behavior of these pheromones, they generated the stress of guilt, shame and punishment, before the primordial end of existence.

Scriptures, the basis of the great superstitions that led to current behavior. Organized leaders with the power to induce to reproduce the monstrous hell that their imagination created.

To recreate your own terrestrial sky extracted from the natural heritage of others.

The control of vital impulses impeded by fear and guilt generates a state of collective chronic anxiety and stress. Transmitted from generation to generation, transforming the nature of the human being into a mental illness, assumed as a natural reality of evolution and permanence.

The fear encouraged and renewed constantly continues today, being a weapon as effective as ever.

Tragedies of rancor and hatred ready, waiting for the daily dose of constant and stressful danger from the high peaks of power. Distributed by all possible means and diversity, in substances of fear. Today, now, in the apparent present, insistent strive to perpetuate.

The benevolent attitudes of the many, of true development, are scarcely exposed in the media. It is not going to be that the great mass relax and trust the ordinary woman and man who work in schools, in the countryside, hospitals, transportation, food, and all the inevitable necessities for our existences, and raise your head.

Good! To continue with our life ... See more ...

Reviews * "Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by Living Beings, in order to provoke specific behaviors in other Individuals of the same species."

* Original inhabitants, in this case from the Americas. They were called "Indians" by mistake. On October 23, 1994, the United Nations declared the International Day of the Indigenous Peoples on August 9.

* Industrial hemp compared to trees or fiber crops, its extraordinary versatility is observed. Oil, cosmetics, paints, lubricants, bioplastics and varnishes. Hemp fiber clothing lasts a lot is very resistant. The sails of the ships were of hemp. Hemp paper is the most durable, flexible and durable used to print bank notes and long-lasting documents. Being the most productive and efficient source of biomass. It benefited the whole world, created jobs. At the end of the 1930s, "Dupont" saw in a threat to its profitable patents for the manufacture of plastics derived from petroleum and coal. Impossible to compete with a renewable natural resource of such a wide range of products and unbeatable quality. They decided to prohibit it in any way.They orchestrated infamy campaigns related to marijuana, the US government.In 1937 it made it illegal. Until that time, conventional medicine. Used in food and industrial use was prohibited, because of the loss of prestige promoted by William Randolph Hearst (monopolist journalist, instigator of the war United States of America and Spain, contrary to the Mexican revolution and more). They published that its use provoked interracial violations of madness and anarchy. In times of war the government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. 1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.because of the prestige fostered by William Randolph Hearst (monopoly journalist, instigator of the war United States of America and Spain, contrary to the Mexican revolution and more). They published that its use provoked interracial violations of madness and anarchy.In times of war the government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. 1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.because of the prestige fostered by William Randolph Hearst (monopoly journalist, instigator of the war United States of America and Spain, contrary to the Mexican revolution and more). They published that its use provoked interracial violations of madness and anarchy. In times of war the government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. 1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.because of the loss of prestige fostered by William Randolph Hearst (monopoly journalist, instigator of the war United States of America and America, contrary to the Mexican revolution and more). They published that its use provoked interracial violations of madness and anarchy. In times of war the government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. 1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.because of the loss of prestige fostered by William Randolph Hearst (monopoly journalist, instigator of the war United States of America and America, contrary to the Mexican revolution and more). They published that its use provoked interracial violations of madness and anarchy. In times of war the government encouraged farmers to grow hemp. 1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act Explicitly banned any cannabinoid.1970 the Controlled Substances Act explicitly banned any cannabinoid.

The wood industry is threatened by the industry that was advancing in paper production. Harry Anslinger, head of the Federal Office of the Treasury Department of Narcotics, encouraged and credulous public agreed to replace hemp with wood, petrochemical products and refined opiates. In 40 of the twentieth century, Henry Ford made cars, with bioplastics obtained from vegetable fibers including hemp. (Interpretation of Information obtained from newspaper archives).

* Cooperative: Society formed by producers, sellers or consumers in order to produce, buy or sell in a way that is more advantageous for all.

* Leopold II: Born in Brussels on April 9, 1835. When the world demand for rubber exploded, attention turned to the collection of rubber sap and great intensity of labor. In 1876 Leopoldo organized a private company disguised as an international scientific and philanthropic association, the International Society of Africa and the International Association for the Study and Civilization of the Congo. * Countless women and children had their arms cut off, simply because their families did not cover the rubber extraction fee imposed (Interpretation of Information obtained from newspaper libraries).

* Arthur Schopenhauer in 1859.

Foot on land.

" Visible part of the iceberg. "A report by the Oxfam Non-Governmental Organization, published before a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the wealth of the 62 largest millionaires grew 44% since 2010, while that of the three thousand five hundred million poorest It has fallen 41%, Rich more and more and the poor increase. "Half of the great rich are Americans, 17 Europeans and the rest of China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The 1% of the world population, have as much cash or investment as the remaining 99% of the world population. 8.3 trillion dollars and adding, the capital of citizens and companies are in tax havens, outside of the countries of origin, where they would have to pay taxes about two hundred billion dollars per year and adding up ".(Interpretation of Information obtained from newspaper archives).

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Written with 28 titles.

It is an allegory to the possible world in the diversity of this vast human universe. Drifting in search of a sense of the apparent without reason of the current moment.

These characters that before my eyes took shape through their dialogues. They attracted all my attention and feel until the end of their ephemeral existence.

They have vanished as their actions were translated into letters. Leaving behind the legacy of his reality.

Any similarity with reality is a consequence of the freedom of traumatic lucubrations, provoked to survive the barbarism of power.


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